Dreams Of Love-David Hart

” Dreams of Love ” by David Hart
Asleep now and now the
dreams of love this night
Anon sheer smoky, oh so
subtle sleep is here.
Now tip-toeing in the realm of Morpheus,
The vivacious visions anon appear.

Ah. Incredulous colorful dreaming
A maundering dream of love and contentment
How one so paradoxically and passionately
Pursues it. Day upon delightful

And then, anon being persistently
prudently in love!
The joys! the ecstasies!!
A melodious Pursuit…
On a mesmerizing path.

Such feisty fantastic visions–
This feeling of being luxuriously in love —
deliciously disoriented.

Maundering in Dusty dense
delirious delighting
And, misty musky marauding meandering
Mellifluous murky love yields to
Tall tempestuous towering rowdy love.
High happy honey combed love

There. Quintessential

There are friends
of the past who never
really wanted to last–
There are friends of the present
soon to be friends of the past.

From boisterous love to
Behemoth love —
Lackadaisically looking,
serenely searching,
Playfully pursuing
And, with love, there’s
Sharp scintillating delight.

Aurora now peeks out,
Now the on coming
light of day —
My love, her lurid lids–
To a new day.
Rewrite 2014


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