Floppy Dick Apocalypse

The Clownfather, who by this time had assembled his own mob of organized Clowns willing to do his bidding was seeking a way to infiltrate the government.  His Domme, Mistress Rosie , had a few connections in politics, and offered to share them with him.

Along with the help of Mistress Rosie’s pet, Dr. Sadistic, an alliance was made with The Filthy Whore on Capitol Hill.  Dr. Sadistic had developed a drug that would render a man impotent. This drug would have the opposite effect on women increasing their libidos. Dubbed as “Floppy Dick” by Dr. Sadistic, this drug would be introduced into the water supply of the United States, and would affect and inflict the entire nation.

Misery and mayhem would ensue. Chaos, it would be a nightmare. The nation, under sexual duress and repression would literally run to their doctors for a miracle drug.

Sex, drugs and money. Music to both the government’s and The Clownfather’s ears.  An alliance was formed.

After about two weeks of the contaminated water supply being distributed, it happened. A nightmare fell upon the America. The Floppy Dick Apocalypse had arrived. Insatiable women caught in the throes of cat scratch fever with men unable to achieve an erection. Sheer torture. A nightmare. Just as projected they ran in droves to their doctors to get prescriptions for the magic pill developed by Dr. Sadistic.




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