Crucifix of Passion

Apply within

Sin with me

Soul deep

Sin within

With Silken Streams

Uncross the Crossed

Crucifix of Passion

In shades of red

I await your kiss
Mouth open I salivate
Juices flowing below
I howl the call of passion
Your whore in heat
Lingering in a kept room
Imprisoned by lust
Tormented by desire
Ignite my spark
Turn my flicker
Into a roaring Flame
Consume all that I am
In a Crucifix of PassionEroticCrucix

2 thoughts on “Crucifix of Passion

  1. I
    Shall tie your desire to my scarred cross
    Will lay before me in crucifixual gloss
    Can then, eclipse every negatory dross
    Now, you are mine in divinity, in sensuality, perpetual none loss
    Having spent so many years as a bitch of a Trix
    You will relent, your new Master, picks the licks…

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  2. As you are now splayed for me
    Kiss crossed exposed intimately
    Do you accept that you now have a Master
    Licking you, drinking you, cum, my slut, faster
    Tis time for you to beg
    As your juices pour down your legs
    From which, my Bitch, I enjoy your elixir anew
    My tongue, your itch, come for me true
    Do… You…Want…Me?

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