The Bogmother’s Bed

Drifting along the moor

Lost in the murk of the Bog

A Bayou Baby on the loose

The swamp holds secrets

Their Sins to bury deep below

What’s done in the backwoods

Stays in the backwoods

Passions flare to a fiery flame

The dusk thrives from Nocturnal Bliss

Be Forewarned we protect our own

Forbidden desire is an unspoken nod

Blood and lust mingle in the mists

On the Bogmother’s bed in the bayouBogmother


One thought on “The Bogmother’s Bed

  1. My swamp Queen exists for my kisses of bliss
    A bayou babe wanting my wood in the woods
    Thus I forage in her forest, such dew-dripping joy is this
    My tongue deep among, my lips to her fur, we kiss
    Forbidden fantasies, in scantily silk and lace she exists
    Thus I rip, this Bog Mother apart
    With this Bogfather’s heart…


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