King of The Obscene

Bound by honour

To thy lady’s bidding

A kiss on the hand

Chivalry is Not dead

Public displays of loyalty

Keep you close to the vest

Moonlit nights and darkness calls

Your lady requires just a bit more

Her boudoir door left unlocked to you

Silken sheets and whispers of promises

Unfurling the fire within her frigid heart

Sweet kisses and unspoken words ensure

Your loyalty and love will earn her respect

Crowning you the Next King Of The ObsceneA_Boudoir_(Louis_XVI._Period)



One thought on “King of The Obscene

  1. I am loyalty personified
    My heart ever sacrificed
    To all my Queens, Wenches, Bitches and Desires
    Who come lay by my side and aspire
    Led, to this Master’s bed, whipped and scarred
    Or accompanied to your tart’s boudoir
    Sharing souls and holes whole
    Caring for your obedient soul
    Ever to reign in shared sin
    In command, never reined in…..


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