Veiled Dreams of Helter Skelter

English: Hypnotic spiral for hypnotherapy. Eas...
English: Hypnotic spiral for hypnotherapy. Easy instant induction technique. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Orange Sunshine

In a Summer daze

Veiled in dreams

Of Helter Skelter

Given To His Family

Tuned Them In

Turned Them On

Dropped Them Out

Of A Suburban Society

On The Brink of Armageddon

This was the story he told

Feeding them daily doses

Controlling their minds

Becoming Their Guru

Their Daddy, Lover, and God

Victims of Mass Hypnosis

The Svengali of Thought Projection

He assembled his Creepy Crawlers

To do his Bidding, to seek revenge

In a skewered attempt at Fame

That brought nothing but Infamy




One thought on “Veiled Dreams of Helter Skelter

  1. Rippled rolling scrolling in devoted emotion
    Stripped as Icarus soars…
    Fabled fantasies in scanty pants I see
    Ripped away, are yours…
    Wings clipped as I sip in swelter
    Hell haveth no propelled more devouter
    Than I
    I may be the walrus or the egg…man
    Tuned in, turned on, whipping your elan
    Assured as your ass guru
    Thighs wide, spanned
    Then spanked
    As I thank
    Your madness mercurial in infinite delight
    A Courtesan to collect your selected delectable glow
    May I puncture your privacy deliciously?
    Let me know….

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