Twisted Around Her Finger By The Water Witch and Elizabeth Stevens

Twisted Around Her Finger



I noticed my sister.

Well, I shouldn’t make it sound as if I had never noticed her before.   Of course I had.   In the past, though, I was only aware of her as my kid sister, though:  two years younger than I, spoiled and disdainful of people who were less accomplished than she.   As for me, I was mostly about sports:  football in the fall and lacross in the spring and becoming obsessed with girls in general.   No place in my universe for my younger sister.

Then, one day, I noticed her.   Tom, my best friend and I were laying by the pool in our backyard, working hard on our suntans and discussing our upcoming junior year mostly because we both planned on being varsity players, after all this time.   As we lay there, Angela came out to read in the sun.  As always, she took her place across the pool from us and didnt’ say a word as she pulled off her shirt to reveal her bikini-clad body.

Tom hadn’t seen Angi since last summer and as she stripped, I heard his breath catch, which made me look up and take the first long look at Angi that I had taken in – well – ever.    Angi had always had an athletic body, with a round hard ass.  In fact, my parents called her bubble butt, sometimes.   In the past six months though, unnoticed by me, she had also developed jutting and full breasts, and her hips had started to curve alarmingly.

I noticed that not only was my sister, beautiful, with her mane of thick black hair, dark eyes and olive skin, but that she was also now in possession of a heart-stopping figure.   As Tom would say, she was “stacked”.

She paid no attention to us, though, and eventually Tom had to leave.

As for me, I wanted to take a closer look at Angi.  I felt guilty about it, but my curiousity and her beauty were leading me by my cock towards her as she lay on her chair, sweat pooling in her long, deep navel.   I sat down

Angi, how come you didn’t say hello to Tommy?  That was rude?

She opened her eyes and looked straight at me and said, he’s such a child, Danny.

What do you mean? I asked suddenly noticing that despite the two year difference, Angi was speaking to me as if I might also be a child.

It was unsettling in a way.  I felt as if I was talking to an adult.

He’s just another horny boy with nothing on his mind other than going home, thinking of me and masturbating.

I sputtered, and though I realized she was probably right, I felt the need to reassert my age advantage and defend my friend.

I laughed and said, Angi, that’s silly, Denny has a girlfriend and he’s two years older than you are.  Masturbate?  Are you crazy?

She maintained her cool composure, and said, in June, Uncle Smith visited.  Do you remember?

Yes, I said, sure.

When I was alone with him, he “accidentally” touched my tits.   I was shocked, and I slapped him full across the face and said that I was going to tell on him when Mom and Dad got home.   He begged me not to.  He got onto his knees and begged me.    It was funny.    I finally told him that I wouldn’t say anything but it could never happen again.   The old pervert kissed my foot and thanked me and scurried off to the guest bedroom.

About ten minutes later I went up to get something from my room and I could hear him jerking off.   I’m quite sure that I’ve learned a bit about men in the past few months.

I didn’t know what to say.   Oh, my god, Uncle Smith?  He’s a doctor!   His wife is beautiful!   Oh, my god!   I kept saying “oh, my god” but on the other hand I was thrilled to be let in on this dirty family secret.

Angi got up, stretched, turned and bent over, her ass inches from my face to pick up her shirt and towel.  She went into the house, leaving me alarmed and perplexed by the large hard on that she had looked directly at before she walked away.



The truth was that Angi was glad that Uncle Smith had touched her.   She realized that she’d been boiling for months, and Uncle Smith was the first man to try to harness the sexual fury building up in her.   His pathetic attempt to seduce her was the key that unlocked her.   Strange but equally amazing was the frisson she felt when she justifiably slapped Uncle across the face, especially when he fell to his knees to grovel.   That was more than a gratifying, if misplaced, “you’re so sexy, Angi”:  she felt the hot rush of power it gave her.   It made her feel strong and totally in control and she was sure that had she told Uncle Smith to jerk off in front of her, he would have gladly done it.

She realized that power, control and sex could be joined.   Uncle Smith was far too old for her purposes, though, and most boys were far too stupid.   And, truth be told, she had long had a crush on her older brother, Danny.   Yes, she knew that it was ethically wrong – he was her brother, after all – but they had been close, well, forever, and it was pretty clear she wasn’t getting over her love of him.  Actually, she was beginning to realize now that her feelings were more complex than just kid-sister adoration.   When she saw Danny’s big cock all hard and shameful, she felt that same rushing feeling she’d had when she masturbated, late at night.

Strangely, she was also excited at his sputtering inability to handle her and her story.   She found herself wondering whether she might turn Danny into her lover.  They could learn from one another in the safety and secrecy of one another – and if Danny was like other boys – a complete slave to his cock – she was sure that she could explore this desire to control men, too.

She was watching Danny down by the pool, laying there, face red with embarrassment.   She found herself laughing as she realized that he was giving his cock a stern talking to – presumably about its unruly nature.

Well, she thought, no time like the present to test the waters a bit.

She went into the master bath, which happened to have full length windows overlooking the pool.   She stood there, before the window and watching Danny carefully, she peeled off her bathing suit, and stood there wearing nothing other than tan lines, waiting for Danny to look up.

She knew she was sexy.  She knew it.   Tiny waist, long legs, tits like two softballs capped with fat, coral nipples.  Like Mother, she also kept her bush now that she could grow one.   She’s discovered the internet, and she thought women with bushes were sooo sexy.   As she stood there, contemplating these facts, Danny looked up and as he tried to adjust his view against the glare, like some giraffe reaching for a different leaf, he lost his balance and fell on his ass.   But not before he’d seen that she was teasing her nipples for him.

She knew he’d come running.   So easy to turn him into putty.



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