Skull Fucked

You say you like it rough

Do you know what that means

Bitten till you bleed

Whipped with a reed

Handcuffs are toys

Where I come from

We use shackles

You are tied



Shall I continue

Licking, Oh Darling

Is for Lollipops

Open wide

Prepare yourself

Your time has come

To be skull fucked

Until you gag

From it pounding

The Bottom of your tummy

Rough enough yet

Bend over Darling

I am going in Dry

Then if you are nice

You will get a spankingSkullfucked



2 thoughts on “Skull Fucked

  1. I eye
    Your beauty bared
    Now ensnared
    And captured…
    You sigh
    As I apply
    My tongue ‘tween your thighs
    In rapture…
    I take, and bind your hands
    Ankles too, spread to expand
    Letting me in
    Finding your sin
    I’ll do way…

    Then I’ll bring
    Your innocent sweet sister in
    To join us, in joined sensuality
    Your pussy will sing
    As we three swing
    Deliciously sin,each eventuality…

    She climbs
    On me, sublime
    As I taste your heavenly bliss
    She rides
    My tongue inside
    So much more, than a kiss…

    I bite, your proud clit with delight
    I lick the lips that you foist so moist
    You cum, both of you as one
    Over me, now begins the fun…

    I instruct, you to fuck
    Your sweet sister, now
    Use that dildo
    Into her pink show
    Let me watch and drink
    Her juices, as you sink….

    Then you will stop
    Slide your breasts atop
    My throbbing cock
    Suck my tip and rock
    My roll, whole

    So now, my sluttish sisters
    Introduced to my deviant vista
    You will obey, you will do as I say
    Each and every day, we will three-play in fore play
    As I know control, both of your souls…..X


  2. My Mistress
    My Elizabeth
    I now impress
    Take away your breath
    Feed me
    I need to suck
    Bleed on me
    As we fuck
    I want your body bared
    Only with your sister
    To be three shared
    Do not deny, do not be shy
    Show me whole
    Your breasts for me to feast
    Show me, your hole
    My fingers to caress, my cock to please
    Show me your soul
    I will then, devour you both, whole

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