Excessive Force

British Columbia Provincial Police officer, is...
British Columbia Provincial Police officer, issuing a ticket to an enamoured motorist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Right on time, My Patrolman picked me up when his shift ended at six am.

“Mistress, I have had a rough night, and am in need of domming,” he said squirming in the cruiser.

“Then Domming is what you shall have, darling.” I replied.

I so enjoyed making him squirm, he was a terrible bastard on the streets. Excessive force, threw his weight around like he owned the town. He took great pleasure in tossing perps in the back, pulling over to a secluded location, and brutalizing them. I often wondered if he were a switch. One thing I did know was that the son of a bitch deserved everything I gave him.

” Here we are, ” he said, opening the door for me.

He immediately knew what was expected of him. Going into the bedroom he disrobed and knelt before me.

“That’s a good little slut. Now you Filthy Pig, recite the Mantra”

“Supreme Most High Goddess Mistress Rosie it is an honour to be in your presence. I am a lowly worthless pathetic slug which crawls on my belly like a piece of shit.

I worship and adore you Supreme Most high Goddess Mistress Rosie. Now that you have granted me session with you how can this lowly slut and nasty whore be of service to you today?

I live only to serve you, My Goddess, Oh Supreme Most High Goddess Mistress Rosie,” he spoke , his eyes fixed upon me.

I pulled his hair up by the roots, and guided his mouth to my dripping cunt. Hearing my mantra, always stirred something in me.

” Lick you nasty slut!” I ordered.

He licked feverishly, his tongue searching out my swollen clit, sucking it, teasing it.  grabbed his head and began fucking his face. Hard and fast. My juices were squirting everywhere. I made him lick me until I pissed right in his face.

“Thank you, Mistress, ” He said after I kicked him off of me.

“Bring me your nightstick, pig.”

“Yes, Mistress.” he answered me, handing over his nightstick.

“Assume the position, Bitch!” I commanded.

Obediently he got down on all fours. Taking his nightstick I plunged the tip into his ass. Deeper I went. Harder. I began fucking his ass with the nightstick, the very nightstick that he had used so many times to wield power and show off his manhood, was now being used to emasculate him. I built up momentum, thrusting him, fucking him the way a man fucks his bitch, After all, he was My Bitch. He was now squealing like the pig that he truly was. With one final thrust he shot thick rich white ribbons into the air.

“Mistress, You own this, pig!”


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