Your Feet Are Filthy

Come Closer the time is near

Your Feet are Filthy

I will wash them for you

I have done nothing

That hasn’t been done before

Judge on My Brother

I shall listen, as I wash your Filth

I wear Mine and share it

No shame in Transparency

I do not cover up My Filth

With a Clean Sandal

I bear Witness to all and for all

Drink My Blood you if you thirst

Consider Me a Lover of Whores

What then does that make you

Kissing My Loyalty and Love away

Selling Your soul for the love of money





2 thoughts on “Your Feet Are Filthy

  1. Clever imagery. I really like this a lot. Before clicking through to your site and reading further, I was a bit worried I was starting to read something religious. That’s what I enjoyed it – the ambiguous imagery. It’s refreshing to read something a bit more edgy cos there’s so much trite poetry about. Nice. You have a new follower.


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