Where The Hell Did Ferris Go

Remembering with fondness

The days when we shook

Our  le Boy Georgebon bons

Notoriously with Frankie before

He went All Hollywood

Because we were Hungry

Yes Hungry like the Wolves.

Sitting down with Chrissie

Pretending to Relax, just because Frankie told us to.

Poor George wailing his heart out

Asking that question

That was on all of our minds

Do you really want to hurt me?

Of course Not!

We were all So pretty In Pink back then

The Girls just wanted to Have Fun

Right, Ya, Know, Like

Gag with Me a Spoon, Totally!

Where in the Hell did Ferris Go

Damn. He forgot to Wake Me Up

Before He Went. Ah Hell

What’s Love Got to do with it, anyway


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