Thank You

It’s hard when you are the square peg trying to fit in the round hole. I have never really been much of a conformist. I suppose it has never been in my nature. I am a Paradigm, a Paradox. A Wicked E10421443_778082868895744_7610870089198552009_nntity who craves Love, such is The Human Element In us all.


I often say that I am Rock, I am an Island, and I need No One. This is a Lie I Love to perpetrate. I Being able to Channel My Inner Goddess, realize too That I am a Jealous Goddess, and Just Like the God of The Bible tend to get Butt Hurt when things don’t go right in my universe. Being a Wise Goddess, I realize that there are many shades in between black and white. There is a whole beautiful colour spectrum under the rainbow of which to enjoy. Beautiful people who pass in and out of my life. They will not all fall at my feet, such is the way of Gods ands Goddesses, there are many of us to worship and adore.


I am Multi Faceted, have Many sides, some of you know those sides. The Little Girl, The Goddess, The Mistress, The Mommie, The Bitch, The Guy who loves to Hang out with you, The Poet, The Writer, The Caregiver, The Girl Who Just wants to have fun…The list would put Sybil to shame…


I Just wanted to thank those closest to me who have helped to enrich my life, and help in some small way to alleviate the personal suffering I feel on a day to day basis from demons I have long ago buried, or have tried to bury.


Sometimes it just is what it is, and life isn’t a bowl of cherries, but it doesn’t have to be the pits either.




The Unholy Trinity


Goddess Lisa/Mistress Rosie/Lisa Dabrowski


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