Unholy Vows

VampireWeddingLurking in the night awaiting a fresh piece of meat,  Sebastian perched himself just below the overhang of the old Manor House where Elizabeth lived and breathed, and bled. Oh , how she bled. Before leaving for the evening she had cut her finger with a sharp blade while slicing vegetables, and peering through the window he felt a rush of life surge within him as the crimson blood trickled from her finger, and his feeling grew even more electric, bordering on erotic while voyeuristically enjoying her licking the blood from her wound.

Sebastian was charming, elegant and very easy on the eyes. Shoulder length, wavy raven hair, with piercing blue eyes. He was tall, but too tall. He appeared to have a mesmerizing effect on nearly everyone he met. Charm, stunning looks, and charisma, Sebastian packed a mighty punch.

A fluttering built up within Sebastian when he heard the click clack of Elizabeth approaching the Manor House, He could smell her. Orange blossoms, Jasmine, and Blood! Ah Yes, So Divine! She smelled so perfect. She was as beautiful as she smelled, long auburn tresses, glistening green eyes, full pouty lips and creamy complexion with a curvaceous body. She was delightful, beyond delightful to Sebastian.

For months now he had been watching her, following her, watching her alone in her home,always reading. Daily making trips to the cemetery, crying for hours, so morose. This Beautiful creature needed to be loved, to find her place. He began visiting her at night, coming to her in her dreams, giving her visions of their life together.

Sebastian made his move and stepped out in front of Elizabeth on the porch. He gazed into her eyes and took her hands in his. She was spellbound,

“It’s you,” she uttered.

“Yes, My Darling, ” He replied before kissing her passionately.

Elizabeth unlocked the door and invited him in. Leading him upstairs to her bedroom, she offered herself to him after undressing and climbing atop her Four Posted Brass Bed. Sebastian took his silk scarves and gingerly tied her wrists to the posts.  She was so delectable, his bride, just waiting there for taking.

Sebastian began kissing her gently between her thighs, moving onward and upward to the core of her femininity, swirling his tongue about the petals of her rose, bringing forth sweet nectar, making her writhe in joy and ecstasy. Suckling her erect nipples, he tenderly mounted her, thrusting slowly at first, looking into her beautiful face as she smiled knowingly at him, he kissed her deeply, than began thrusting harder and deeper, The time had come to make her his.

“Will You be My bride for all Eternity?” Sebastian asked while gazing into her eyes.

” Oh, Yes, I am Yours, ” Elizabeth replied.

A Final Thrust and a Deep Bite to Elizabeth’s Neck, consummated their wedding.


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