The Basement


On a sweltering day in Mid-August

Maggie paid a visit to The Basement

Rumours swirled the town about this place

A girl in trouble could get help at The Basement

She was queasy and uncertain but had no beau

The Basement was really the only place to go

Knees knocking and hands trembling she entered

There, There, Dear..We will Fix you right up

Were the words  of solace from The Basement

She gulped down two shots of whiskey and a pill

This will help you relax she was assured

Her head began to spin and the room became dark

The Basement smelled a little strange now

She felt the warm blood rush from her bottom

They were smiling at her in a peculiar fashion

Faint and dizzy she felt like drifting away

Floating , yes she was floating away now

Her problem tossed in an incinerator

Maggie Mae had no other choice it seems

She was taken care of in The Basement



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