Just a Good Ol’ Boy Or a Hippie-RANT

marinerebelsFirst and foremost let me start off this rant by saying that Abe Lincoln is My Hero, it is by modeling my studies after him that I have become educated. I chase education, and I believe everyone should have that right.


This Confederate Flag Shame Game going on in the United States. The Rebel Flag Is a Part of History, The South was once a separate part of The US, Before it Became the United States of America.  They were fighting to preserve their way of life, their government and society. The problem with South’s society was Slavery, and  that needed to be abolished. It was not the Flag, Years, even Centuries after the war was won, their was still shameless bigotry, and an unfair hatred towards men simply because their skin was dark. The Confederate Flag did not do this in 1960, people did.

Oh and did I neglect to mention that The Confederacy lost the war, and that The Union Soldiers helped themselves to much of their farmland while they were off in battle.  They Did Not Receive a Heroes Welcome after the war was over. They came home to loss of crops, land, and sometimes loss of families.

This was however an important war, and I am forever grateful that the oppressed were granted their freedom.


In the 1960’s and early ’70’s  Another hugely Unpopular War was waging on In Vietnam that US Troops were involved in. Public Opinion of this war was highly unfavourable. The US Gave it all they could i the Jungles of Vietnam but eventually came back home defeated. There was not a Heroes welcome for Them either. There were people burning flags and protesting the war though out.


There will always be war as long as there are idiots around to throw stones at the playground. The way we choose to remember it is up to us. We can glorify it, or we can look behind the curtain and pay attention to the man pushing the buttons.





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