Until Death Parted Us


He watched her perspire
An August stroll through The Flora and Fauna
Night Blooming Jasmine
Dabbed behind each ear
These were her nightly strolls
To forget the ugliness of the day
To Absorb all the beauty it had to give
He was a janitor in her office
Peering through her journal
Quickly he made himself accustomed to her every like, dislike and move
Collecting Mementos from her desk
While she was away, discarded love notes too
Convinced that she was his Jasmine Rose
He walked softly behind her that night Amongst the Flora and Fauna
Carrying a Rag Perfumed with Night Blooming Jasmine
A Rose to give her to pledge his vow of Love
And a Little something extra to complete their Vows
Overpowering her from behind he put the Rag to her nose
Recognizing him she tried to scream, but the rag kept her quiet’
He Professed his deep longing and yearning for her,
Telling her ho she had teased him with smiles and perfume
He pushed her down, took her until she could not be taken anymore
His last words while taking her gold ring off were
I give you this Rose, you were Mine Until Death Parted Us

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