Déjà Vu!

This is amazing!

I may have found my old mate, Randy McNob! If so, the old wanker is still dispensing his bullshit to all and sundry. Or maybe he’s retired and its McNob’s offspring – the result of his tarnished loins.

Back on my favourite pen pal site I discovered a leather clad resident of Malta, (do they have a Hells Angel Chapter?). And his profile begins with this warning…

“I don’t play your game. I win mine.  Join my game,it is funnier than yours. Because unlike in yours, the rules are fair, everyone can win, and there is no cheat. ))”

Wait a minute! If everyone can win then it’s not exactly a game. What would be the point? But McNob never bothered with mere details like that. Logic was a closed book to him. The spelling and grammar have improved. Maybe he went to evening classes. But the bullshit still has that same oily sheen about it. And it still seems to go on forever.

He then goes on to write…

“Copernican revolution in the age of digital narcissism))”

Just what the fuck is that supposed to mean? Has he discovered that digital narcissism goes round the earth and not the other way round? If so the Pope will surely excommunicate him.

Or how about this?

 “Start from the idea that your ego can have less solid reasons to justify its size than mine. Somebody can be better than you. I can be better than you (we state the mere possibility, don’t be outraged – yet )) ).” 

What if you don’t want to start from that idea? What if McNob can’t be better than you? (A distinct possibility, unless you’re in a vegetative state with an IQ of 0

Or what about this one in which he refers to his sunglasses…

“So I have photos without shades, outdoors and with other people, BUT some young girls send first messages, which noone asked, implying the opposite. )))”

Has McNob found a job advertising Rayburn? If so that’s definitely not cool and they need to change their advertising agency. See what you can make of this next example…

“nyctophilic (allegorically in negative, but actually I love the darkness)”

I think he’s referring to nyctophilia which is a preference for darkness. Only in his case, this preference is only allegorical. Him being a nyctophiliac is just a story. It’s a legend told around the camp fires by ancient warriors in the dead of night to the sound of wolves howling in the forest.

But the final clue that this is McNob is this one…

“-I don’t want US marine or Turkish boy hairstyle (eg, crewcut) just to look like your toyboys.))”

Now look at this one. It’s from one of McNob’s old profiles back in 2010…

“-Teaching (I love “teachi ng people some things in *life*. I will not give away all*secrets*.haha”)). “

You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to see the similarity! The sentences starting with a dash and ending in an emoticon.

Finally, like the McNob of old, he’s also into quantum physics. So he should get on with Stephen Hawking like a house on fire.


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