Pohemian Rhapsody

a pohemian lifestyle

is not for the weak

nor faint of heart

for we are pretentious creatures

living on PST  that would be

Poet Standard Time

for those who do not know

we rarely arrive on time

and if we do give us coffee

we are a rushed hurry of a hot mess

mellow poets why surely you jest

you are not a poet who suffers and starves

for your art nor your work and don’t get it

oh and anything goes in this poethood

we share everything i am afraid to say

we are kindred and form a circle of unity

brothers and sisters united for art

spreading our ink to save souls

to speak the truth of freedom

for freedom’s sake we speak it

we shout it and we whisper it we sing it

we make love to it and often to eachother

brothers and sisters often the lines get blurred

incestious perhaps contemptious perhaps

would i live any other life than that of a poet

no, i will forever sing a pohemian rhapsody


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