An Excerpt From Blood, Lust, & Immortality


An Excerpt From My collection Blood, Lust & Immortality 

From The Short Fiction Professor of Trollology 


The Professor somehow made the correlation between a drunkard and a Novel one night while watching worn out campy horror movies. Telling himself Hemingway did it. Professor Trowley had a vision of pitting one Campy Horror Icon against another Campy Horror Icon.  Feeding into his superiority complex the novel was adapted for a Campy Horror Film, and He felt as If He was a Literary Genius. Yes from this day forward Professor Trowley was an expert on Literature. He was of course superior to any other author out there, and he was going to make it his mission to police the Literature World for Inferior Authours.

He made a few bucks from his Campy Horror buck, but had a big celebration with whiskey and women that went on for far too long. He woke up one day and found himself destitute. This was a very hard pill to swallow. Professor Trowley wound up moving back in with his parents and staying in their basement .

The Professor found social media sites to be a perfect place to troll about for what he  assumed to be vulnerable women. He would choose talented female writers who leaned towards the kinky side , believing himself to be the Marquis de Sade reincarnated , it was obvious to him that he would be in complete control of these women within weeks.


More of The Professor’s Story can be found in my Short Collection Of Fictions available on Blood, Lust &Immortality By Lisa Dabrowski BloodLust



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