Dr. Sadistic’s Candy Ass Clown Carnage

Dr. Sadistic had developed a psychotropic drug that could be spun into strands of spun sugar. He needed test subjects for this new drug, human ones. He had tried it on two chimpanzees in his laboratory and they seemed to enjoy the pink fluffy clouds of sugar. He waited about twenty for the drug to kick in, and then the aggressive behaviour began, The chimpanzees began clawing at one another, tossing punches, kicking, and eventually battering each other until there was a clear victor.

Dr. Sadistic called up Mistress Rosie and asked her if she would care to accompany him to the Circus that evening. He planned on dispensing the fluff to the Clowns at the Circus. He also asked he if she had any worn out slaves that she cared to bring along. She told him that she would bring along Alex, he had become tiresome and wasn’t performing up to par.

Mistress Rosie, Dr. Sadistic and Slave Alex enjoyed the Three Ring Circus , the Lions, Tigers, and Elephants all on display. The Ringmaster put on a spectacular show.

Mistress Rosie went to have a private “discussion” with The Ringmaster to keep him occupied while Dr. Sadistic and Slave Alex went to visit The Clowns’ Tent.

The Clowns were very receptive to Dr. Sadistic and the gifts he brought them.  Once they tasted his Sugary Confection of Fluff they ate every last Puff. Dr. Sadistic told them how much he respected them and the work they do. Slave Alex just sat in a corner staring out into space, dumbfounded.  All at once it began, the Clowns formed a mob and turned their attentions towards Slave Alex.  Their eyes gleamed and their Irises turned Red.  In a matter of minutes Slave Alex was being thrown around like Rag Doll, in strange gutteral Voices they were chanting “Candy Ass.” They began pulling his hair out by the roots, taking turns, pulling off fingernails, then punching, then throwing him to the floor, where he was eventually pulled apart. He was spun around, then four clowns each grabbed an arm and leg a piece and ripped them off. TheY Screamed “CANDY ASS”

It was Candy Ass Carnage.Bloody Clown


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