The Ghost of Christmas Past

It was Christmas Eve and Little Johnny and Shane were in their bedroom chattering up a storm with excitement when they heard glass shatter downstairs.

This of course silenced them, a bulb perhaps fell from the tree,
but what could be messing about their tree. The dog was in the
room with them.

Shane and Johnny were excited because their parents had gotten over a rough patch in time for Christmas. Their Dad brought their Half sister Lisa back home to live with them, and they were a happy family again. Earlier that week their Dad had taken them shopping for their Mom’s Christmas present. Together they picked her out a match-ing Emerald and Diamond Necklace, Bracelet, and Ring. Little Shane was so Excited, He couldn’t wait to see his Momma smile!

“Johnny, I’m Scared. I hear footsteps now,’ whined Shane.

Lisa came to the door, and told the boys she heard there was robber going around breaking into people’s houses stealing valuables, and told them she was going down to to investigate.

Johnny looked at her and winked.

” We’ll all go down together, “Johnny told her.

They creeped down the stairs slowly, you could hear Shanes’s teeth chattering. Peering around the corner they could see a rather gruff looking man dressed in a Santa suit, with half of his rear end
hanging out as he shoved packages into a garbage bag.

“What do you think you’re doing Mother Fucker?”Johnny asked , start-ling the man.

Shane made a puddle in the floor.

“Why, I am a Santa , little boy. You sure have a foul mouth, Now
get back to bed like a good tyke.”

“Wrong. Lisa, Tell him who he is, ” Johnny said winking at his sister.

Pulling a .45 caliber pistol out of her Robe, Lisa Looked the thief dead in the face before pulling the trigger.

“You Are The Ghost Of Christmas Past Now, Motherfucker!”


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