Santa and The Wolf Queen

Twas Christmas and the Full Moon shone brightly in the sky. Santa and his Reindeer were circling the globe to ensure that all the good little boys and girls received their toys.  Suddenly whilst parked in Serbia for the Reindeer to have a quick break, out of the stark, frozen woods they heard a bellowing howl. The Reindeer made icicles in the snow.

Closer, and closer, the howl grew louder. Worse yet, Multiple howls could be heard. The Reindeer were paralyzed with fear.

They could see the bushes shaking, snow was starting to fly towards them. WOLVES! Behind them their Queen, Barking the orders, as the Hungry pack, one by one in their Majestic Glory went for the jugular of the Reindeer, tearing, shredding them to bits, then dragging the carcasses away.

Rose, The Silken White Wolf Queen,  had Santa entranced. Under her Power He hitched her Pack up to the sled.

“Tonight is for The Naughty”, The Wolf Queen howled before riding off into the night.Black_Wolf_on_sleigh



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