The Christmas Star

Elise was an older women, most in the town thought her a spinster. She lived in a grand house that was built near the end of the eighteenth century.  She was born in that house. Her Mother died giving birth to her.

Her father was a Banker and Investment broker in the town. He hired servants to raise Elise, and could barely stand the sight of her. Each day that passed she  resembled her Mother more and more, milky, creamy skin, golden tresses of unruly hair, that just seemed to find their place naturally, and her eyes a deep piercing blue.

Christmas was a very special time for Elise. Her Father took the Holiday to spend with her. In her younger years he would give her porcelain dolls. Dolls that she would love and cherish because they came from her father. They would dine together, and she felt wanted. Christmas never lasted long enough. In her older years her father began to give her books and jewelry. Elise loved to read, Her father had Vast Library. One year he gave her Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina for Christmas. Elise read that book a million times over. She wanted to find her own Count Vronsky.

Elise went off to and out into world for a time. She attended a secretarial school to sharpen her typing skills.  She took a Room in a Boarding house near the school, and that is where she met Kevin. He was a Merchant Marine, and was on shore leave in between work.  She6327 found herself smitten with was Raven haired, green eyed, and muscular. He was gentle in his manner with her and swept her off her feet.

She found herself smitten with him, and succumbed to the fiery flames of passion as so many young lovers do. She wanted to be immersed in him.

She felt Love for the first time in her life.

Elise and Kevin were making plans to go back home for her to ask for her hand when she heard a crash outside her window. Her beloved Kevin lay bleeding out in the street. She rushed out to him, only to hear his last heartbeat as she lay her head upon his chest.

Elise returned home and took care of her Father until he passed away. She wrote many Horror Novels under an assumed name. She wanted no one to know who she was. She felt dead inside. Dead inside with out Love, cut off from the world. Her World was a Nightmare, and that’s what she wrote about. Nightmares.

Christmas time came around again, and Elise sat in her parlor looking up at The Christmas Star. She wished to herself as she did when she was a child, and she wished aloud “If I could just have One Christmas Wish, it would be to feel Kevin’s Love again. I am Old , and haven’t known love for many a year. I would die happily in his arms.”

Kevin walked down the staircase and took Elise up to her bedroom, In an instant they were young again, and making love on the bed.

With words and promises of Love Elise drew her last breath, in the arms of her lover.


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