Lipstick Kisses From The Devious Duo

Steven and Alistair were a devious pair. They lived their lives plotting revenge on those they felt had success due to them. One poor soul, Gene, currently wore the bullseye on his back.

Poor Gene, he had the misfortune of once being Steven’s Right Hand Man, doing most of his Grunt work for him, defending him when he did chauvinistic deeds. Gene was a true member of The Boy’s Club.

Gene, however, in his own right, was a gifted writer, and this did garner him attention at the publishing house where Steven was working.

Suffice it to say, Gene ended up stepping up yo the plate for Steven on many occasions, while Steven was off on a tangent, being temperamental , which he truly believed in his own mind was owed to him, Gene replaced him.

Steven having been close to Gene knew he had a penchant for Beautifully, deviant women..If he could just find one to throw a monkey wrench into the daily workings of Gene’s life, make him forget the business end of his job, he could get even with Gene and his former employer at the same time, but who?

Alistair had the perfect solution for Steven. He was very good friends with Crimson Maven a writer and a lipstick aficionado. She was the perfect choice to infiltrate Gene’s life. Beautiful, Wicked, Flirty, Feminine, and a Writer!  She was instructed to cozy up to Gene, get into a few of his books, then form a relationship with him, monopolizing all of his time, alienating him from other authors and friends. Pump up his ego, make him feel like he doesn’t need anyone but her, then when he has lost everyone and everything due to his blind spot for her, Spring the truth on him!

Lipstick Kisses From The Devious Duo.DeviousMinds


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