If It Feels Wrong

If it feels wrong, you probably shouldn’t do it. Those words have been ringing in my ears since the first time My Father spoke them to me, and they are the guide I go by when I feel uneasy about something.
I found myself in a position where I thought I could do some good, but all that glitters is not Gold.
I struggled with myself , should I speak up or not, and I would be a coward not to ,
So here goes, and let the chips fall where they may.
I stepped down from my position as Poetry Editor due to an anthology that is being marketed very cleverly as a benefit anthology for children with cancer, when the truth is they only intend on giving the first week’s royalties to the children.
Perhaps I am not cruel enough for business, but this disturbed my soul .
I had been fighting with myself for the past week over this, until I became physically and depressed.
If I lose friends and/or acquaintances for speaking the truth, I guess that is fine.
I am just a Mother, Grandmother and a Writer. I don’t pretend to be better than anyone else, nor do I want to be, I would just hate for someone to be put in the position I was in.

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