A Gift From My Mistress- M.J. Candy

Just after I stepped from the shower there was a knock at the door.
“I have a parcel for you Sir, sign here.”
Mmmmmm, who sent this? Then I saw in bold writing: From Mommy.
Opening the package, I was astonished to see a corset with lace panties together with a chastity device and a note attached

The note read, “Read carefully and follow instructions , Love Mommy.”
With the anticipation of a child on Christmas Morn, I read the rest of her note to me.

“Attach the chastity device to mommie’s lollipop securely and put on the corset and panties. Then get dressed to take a trip. A car will be picking you up.

I didnt waste time and  was soon dressed. God it feels so good, and I feel so wanton. I will do anything for her.


2 thoughts on “A Gift From My Mistress- M.J. Candy

  1. When the doorbell rang, though, I felt very nervous. It rang again. Twice. So I hurried. On the doorstep stood a dark figure. A short-skirted black dress, black stockings, black high heels, and black cloak with a hood.
    “You took your time,” She hissed. “Follow me!” I obeyed, and we reached a large limousine, beside which stood a chauffeur. He opened the door. Go on!” shapped my companion, “Get in, for God’s sake!” Quivering, partly with cold (I was not dressed for the outside!), but mainly with fear, I obeyed.
    (Shall I continue?


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