Closets Along The Way

He lived his life running

Hiding in closets along the way

Never living his life

Cheating those around him of theirs

Jumping from Closet to Closet

Desperate to hide his anguish

Pushing his pain on those around him

Cracking the door now and then

Tasting glimpses of freedom




When The Curtain Drops

My Father came to visit me last night, normally this wouldn’t seem out of the ordinary, except for the fact that he has been dead for nearly twenty years. He grabbed me by the hand and lead me to a party, some face I recognized, friends and family who had recently passed on. ‘

“This, Baby Girl is the Cast Party. We all come here to unwind when the show is over, ” he said before offering me a refreshment.

I noticed a few people being taken out in handcuffs. This alarmed me, naturally I questioned my father about it.

” Well, I’ll tell you baby Girl, The Director felt they gave an awful performance, so they are being cast out. He just doesn’t see any hope for them.”

Looking around I didn’t see my Ma , by brother or my mother. I became nervous. What had become of them? Again I put my concerns forth to my father.

Sometimes The Director sees potential in people and decides to give them a repeat performance, to allow them to hone their craft. Your mother and brother are among those people they sent back to give an encore.

People like Me and Ma , the more experienced ones get to enjoy fruits of our labour. Ma is up there no in the Penthouse waiting for me.


If It Feels Wrong

If it feels wrong, you probably shouldn’t do it. Those words have been ringing in my ears since the first time My Father spoke them to me, and they are the guide I go by when I feel uneasy about something.
I found myself in a position where I thought I could do some good, but all that glitters is not Gold.
I struggled with myself , should I speak up or not, and I would be a coward not to ,
So here goes, and let the chips fall where they may.
I stepped down from my position as Poetry Editor due to an anthology that is being marketed very cleverly as a benefit anthology for children with cancer, when the truth is they only intend on giving the first week’s royalties to the children.
Perhaps I am not cruel enough for business, but this disturbed my soul .
I had been fighting with myself for the past week over this, until I became physically and depressed.
If I lose friends and/or acquaintances for speaking the truth, I guess that is fine.
I am just a Mother, Grandmother and a Writer. I don’t pretend to be better than anyone else, nor do I want to be, I would just hate for someone to be put in the position I was in.

Plasticine Liars

Birth, Death

And Infinity

What’s it all

About Alfie

Hiding Ina tree

Trying to stand Tall

Everyone’s just a Bird

Dancing Thin Wires

Their words they tweet

The Plasticine Liars

Need to Give a Hoot

And Not Pollute

The Indian Is Crying

From All Their Lying

Fate is Being Kind

For I am going Blind



Baby Killer

There were no parades

When Joe came home

They spit on him instead

Baby Killer! Baby Killer!

Shouts Ringing in his ears

Not one pat on the back for Joe

No thank yous for a job well done

Why couldn’t he tune in, turn on, tune out

Burn his card and run away to Canada

A bomb disguised as a child took out his company

He lost his left ear, and gained a purple heart

War bruised his heart to the point of a violet hue



Chaos Under The Big Top

Chaos ensued under the big top

The Brotherhood of Clowns at war

Pies loaded with shards of glass

Tossed haphazardly in every direction

Not a care for who or what dripped blood

In the end none of matter anyway

Everyone was still there to see The King

The True Master of IT all in The Center Ringpennywise_in_suit_by_shift2d-d90vrva

Whiny Bitch Boi

Oh, Whiny Bitch Boi

Stroking Keys Incessentally

A Keyboard Warrior on the prowl

An Oddity in your Own Right

A Johnsonless Johnson

Perhaps that is what feeds

Your Need to Over strike the keys

To some you bring boredom

To others you bring laughter

Sitting in your own foul stench

Stroking away endlessly

Your keyboard needs chastity

Oh, Dear  Whiny Bitch Boi