You have an Unruly Slut on your hands that needs to be put into Chastity. How long to keep them locked up is the answer you wrestle with next.  Here is a fun and Creative way to decide the SLUT’S Fate. The answer to your woes is just a deck of cards away.

For this you will Need An Unruly Slut

A Chastity Belt with a Key

A Deck of Cards with the Jokers included

You shuffle the cards real good now, The SLUT’S Fate is In your Hands,,Now deal yourself 5 cards. and then Choose a Multiplier between 1-3.

Oh Yes I Forgot to tell you the Values of the cards.

1-10 Face Value

Jacks 20 Days

Queens 25 Days

Kings 30 Days

Aces  40 Days

Jokers 50 Days

Good Luck Taming That Unruly SLUT…You Just Have to Know when To Hold ’em and Know When to Fold ’em…xx482917_201464503313240_735193544_n


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