Life In The Menagerie by Elizabeth Stevens and R. Beast

“I will use you often, my darling” she had said to him that first
night but the truth was he had not seen her in more days than he
understood had passed.  The room was windowless aside from the viewing
glass but that provided no information on the time of day or night.
He screamed once or twice and the echo died so quickly he only assumed
the thick stone walls to be soundproof to the outside.  Daily Ralph
came in and presented him with food and drink enough to maintain a
stable health along with a vitamin supplement but he was not sure what
was in it.  At first he did not take them but on what he assumed to be
day five Ralph had informed him that Mistress Elizabeth would leave
him in the room to starve to death if he did not take the pills as
ordered.  Looking around he knew now he could be seen at all times and
took every supplement he was offered.

Ralph came and went with what he called mandatory meals but the meal
aspect was shrinking and supplement growing.. As vain as Greg had been
he had spent a long time in the gym and on nutritional kicks so he
knew these meals must be the three main meals. spaced through the day.
The problem began to come when he could no longer estimate how many
hours passed between visits an one bled into the next.  He’d long
forgotten his wonder about anyone wondering where he’d been.  He was
traveling through Ohio to California on Route 80 in the middle of
winter.  The sheer amount of things which could go wrong were not
countable on two hands.  Still, he thought, someone must miss him
right?  Someone must wonder.

He’d counted 42 solo visits from Ralph and figured this meant he’d
been captive for fourteen days.  The allure of such ownership had worn
off considerably when she never showed up again.  In his min he had
assumed being owned meant daily use, fucking this hot redhead, banging
her tight ass and sleeping in this lush bed with her.  As it was, the
night she brought him here, when they were done she collared in him
the corner of the room with enough leash to move perhaps ten feet in
any direction.  Ralph’s visits we cautious but steady.  He’d wondered
several times about taking him down, searching for a key and getting
the hell out but as the days passed those desired seemed to wane.

The 43rd visit came with an amazing surprise.  Mistress Elizabeth
walked into the room and eyed him hungrily.  “Stand up Chattel.”  He
got to his feet and watched her sexy legs move under a long red
evening dress reminiscent of Jessica Rabbit and the fall of her hair
did not help to remove that image from his mind.  She slipped in close
to him and stroked his body, looked over at the washrags and electric
razor that had not been touched in days.  “Tsk tsk… it appears Ralph
has not been instructing you that my chattel need be properly groomed
and tidy at all times.”  She reached down and grabbed his cock
stroking it in her black opera gloves and watched it grow semi erect
but failed to go completely hard.  “Good good… things are going just
fine aren’t they little man.”  She lit a cigarette and blew the smoke
in his face and continued to stroke his semi hard dick.  “I know you
stopped playing with yourself weeks ago so you might want to think
about cumming for me now… who knows when the next time will be.”  He
felt hand moving over him and sighed deeply at the smell of her, the
smell of her smoke and the touch of her hands when her words sank in.
Weeks ago.

“How long have i been down here?”

She placed the cigarette in her lips, never letting go of his cock in
her other hand, and struck him in the face hard.  “You will address me
properly Chattel or you will never see the light of day again.”

Something inside of him stirred but did not last long as he stood
defiantly up again.  She blew more smoke into his face and touched his
pierced nipple with the red ember of the cigarette.  He bellowed out
as she did so and backed up.  She advanced to him pinning him against
the wall and took him in her hand again stroking him harder and
faster.  She took a drag and pushed the smoke into his face.  “Ask
again Chattel.”

“How… how long have I been down here.. Mistress?”

“A month, silly thing” she laughed as she put the cigarette out on his
shoulder.  At the shocking news of the time of his captivity and the
complete realization that he’d been a kept slave for such a long time
his cock, still semi hard in her hand, fired his stored cum upon the

She turned away without a word to him but instead addressing Ralph.
“No meal today.  He will clean up his mess from the floor in the only
proper way chattel should and then starting at your next visit I want
him prepared for his first showing whenever this blasted winter will
allow.  For now… I have Martin and his glorious piece of meat to
attend to.  Make sure Red is ready to clean me.”

The door closed and Greg was left alone.

  Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2011 Lisa Dabrowski


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