There was an unbelievable snowstorm brewing outside, and Greg was finding it hard to drive. He decided to find a motel to hole up in until the storm passed. The conditions had became so bad, Greg found himself veering off onto an old country road, not even realizing how he ended up there.

Greg looked up in the mirror, he was a vain sort, and admired his perfectly coiffed sandy blonde hair and green eyes. He was a looker, and he knew it.

He must have driven for miles before he came upon a quaint little motel on the country road. The sign out in front said vacancy, and that is all he needed to know. He pulled in the winding drive, which went back about a half of a mile.

“How curious,” he thought to himself,” there is no name posted out here. Probably some bed and breakfast hicks, ” he laughed to himself.

“Looking for shelter from the storm?”  A stunning red headed woman asked him from behind the counter as he approached her.

“Yes, it’s monstrous out there,” He answered.

” Well you are in luck, we have one room left, ” she replied.

” I am much obliged, Miss?’ he answered, looking for a name.

“My apologies. I am Miss Elizabeth and this is The Menagerie, and you are?”

” My name is Greg Parker.  I am an attorney out of California, here in Ohio to settle the estate of one of my clients.  I have never experienced weather like this before, ” he added.

” I usually charge by the week, and provide all meals, as there is really nothing around here for miles,” Elizabeth explained while leading him to a room at the top of a winding staircase.

” I am hoping the storm won’t last that long. I need to get back to San Diego. How much will you charge for the night? ” he asked.

” How about we just settle up when it’s your time to check out?” Elizabeth asked in the form of a statement.

Unlocking the door,  Elizabeth invited Greg into the room.  A spacious king sized brass bed, with a wardrobe made of cherry wood were inside. On the left was a television and a stereo.  A bathroom was adjacent to the room.

” Will this do?” she asked .

“It looks quite comfortable, and is far better than braving the storm and being stranded in my car somewhere, ” he answered.

” Very well, I will leave you to unwind for a bit. Dinner is served at seven o’clock, ” Elizabeth told him as she turned to leave the room.

“Thank you, I will be down later, ” he responded before she closed the door behind her.

While showering, Greg thought about the motel’s name. “Menagerie,” he said to himself, ” what an odd name? A Menagerie is a collection, usually of animals.” he chuckled to himself.

Promptly at seven o’clock Greg took his seat in The Menagerie’s dining room. Surveying his surroundings, he noticed that he was the only one seated at the table.

Elizabeth entered the room, dressed in what appeared to be a  red negligee set. She took her seat at the head of the table.

” My boy will bring in supper in a few moments, ” she said after sitting down and lighting a cigarette.” Would you care for a cup of coffee?”

” Yes, please, he answered, barely able to take his eyes off of her cleavage.

” How do you like your room? ” she asked while pouring his coffee.

” It’s quite comfortable,” he answered, ” the bed is just so inviting, ” he answered with a wink.

” Yes, probably the best bed in the house, except for mine of course, ” she responded, blowing smoke his way.

Dinner was brought in by a well dressed man in his early forties.

” Just the two of you tonight, Miss Elizabeth?” the servant asked.

” Yes, Ralph,  just the two of us, ” Elizabeth responded.

” Where are the others?” David asked, remembering that she told him that she had one room left.

“Why in The Menagerie,  darling, ” she laughed.

Greg tried not to think about where the other guests were, as he ate his dinner. His mind drifted to other thoughts, like how was he going to bed this beautiful red head. Her negligee was sheer, and he couldn’t help but notice her erect nipples. Forget dinner, he thought to himself, when is desert?

Ralph entered the room with a silver tray. Upon it were two glasses filled with ice, and a bottle of Vodka.

“Join me in a drink? ” Elizabeth asked, moving back from the table, and lifted her negligee, slightly exposing her thigh.

Greg could feel all the blood in his body race to his cock, which by now, had replaced his mind and was doing all of the thinking for him.

“Yes, of course,”  he answered.

Sipping her vodka, Elizabeth ran her hand along his thigh, up to his crotch, which was fully engorged.

” I will join you in whatever you want me to, ” he offered with a smile.

“Will you now, my darling?” she responded, her fingers encircling the tip of his manhood.

“Yes, anything.” Greg  sighed.

Rising from the table , she grasped his hand and led him downstairs. He felt as if he were a puppy on a leash, and this made him want her even more.

“Dare I ask where you are taking me?” he asked.

” Why, to The Menagerie, my darling,” she laughed while leading him down a dark corridor.

Unlocking the door, she led him into a candle lit room, which smelled fragrant of fresh rose petals. Inside the room was a king sized four posted Mahogany bed, a plush sofa and matching dressers. There was also a regal looking chair, the likes of which he had never seen before. The room was Victorian and Gothic.

Elizabeth sat in her chair and pulled up her negligee, exposing her wetness.

“Watch me masturbate, ” she said to him, knowing he would kneel in front of her to watch.

She pulled her breasts out of her gown, and told him to suckle her. Greedily, Greg did as he was told. Firmly grasping her breast in his hand he latched onto her nipple, suckling, flicking his tongue around the stiff nipple. Her moans made his cock drip.

“Get naked, ” she ordered.

Again, Greg did as he was told. He was alive with anticipation.

“Lick me, ‘ she said, perched regally in her chair, legs spread wide.

Placing his face between her thighs, he sought out her sweetness. Encircling her hardened clitoris with his tongue, he began to suck it. her thighs clamped down around his head, and she began to pound herself into his face. her hands holding his head in place. She rocked her mound back and forth on his tongue, squirting in his mouth.

Abruptly she pulled his face from between her legs.

” What are you willing to do for me?” she asked with a wicked grin.

“Anything. I will do anything you wish of me, ” he moaned, his dripping cock in hand.

Elizabeth went to the dresser and pulled out two pairs of handcuffs.

” Get on the bed, ” she ordered him.

Greg obliged. He was in such a frenzied state, he would have done anything for release.

She handcuffed both of his wrists to the top posts of the bed.

” Are you ready to submit? ” she asked, mounting his cock.

“Oh, yes, ” I am yours Miss Elizabeth.

She rode him hard and fast, taking her pleasures from him. Each time she felt his testicles tighten she would stop, reminding him that it wasn’t time yet. Twisting his nipples, she pressed her clitoris on forward, rubbing her way to orgasmic release.

” Are you ready?” She teased him, while gazing into his green eyes.

“Take me! Please take me, ” he begged.

She paused for a moment to grab her charm bracelet, there was a silver “E’  attached to it. She held it over the candle flame, and then began riding him at a feverish pace. Placing the charm on his chest, it seared his flesh, emblazoning him, marking him. Branding him. He exploded in her with a rush the likes of which he had never known before. He could feel his essence being drained by her, as her wetness surrounded his cock, accepting what seemed like endless streams of  semen.

” You belong to me now. You know that don’t you?” she smiled down upon him, still riding him.

” Yes, I know, ” he answered, his mind swimming.

“Welcome to The Menagerie. You are a fine specimen, and I have just the perfect place to display you.” She winked at him.

It finally clicked in his mind. The Menagerie. Elizabeth collected men.

Unmounting his cock, which was fully erect again, she walked over to her dresser, and pulled out a leash. A diamond encrusted collar was attached.

Greg lay there, helpless, needy and longing for more of her.

” Do you like this room?” she asked while placing the collar around his neck.

“Yes, very much so, ‘ he replied trying to push his cock onto her fleshy mound which hovered above him.

“Then this shall be your personal display box, a cage if you will, where you will perform for me on demand, ” she answered, resting her dripping femininity on his erection.

“Yes,” he answered, accepting his fate.

” You belong to The Menagerie now, part of my personal collection. I will use you often, my darling, ” she said, beginning to pleasure herself upon him again.

“Once more for tonight, and then you will be drained, ” she said while rocking back and forth on him.

“Heaven help me, but I know I belong here, ” he said before shooting into her again.

She left him there on the bed, and took her place in her chair. Looking over to the door, Greg noticed a small window, and Ralph had evidently been standing there watching.

Elizabeth’s legs were again draped over the arms of the chair, as Ralph entered with another man crawling, bound on a leash. Greg noticed the man had an “E” branded on his buttocks.

” Bring him in Ralph! ” she shouted.” This one has left a sloppy mess!”

The man took his place between her thighs, and began lapping at her sweetness like a hungry dog.

“There, there, my pet,  there is plenty more where that came from,” she said glancing over at Greg on the bed, his cock raging rich with an erection.

“Watch and learn, Greg. One day this will be you, ” she smiled at him.

Greg watched hungrily, wishing it were him.

“You will get your turn, darling, ” she winked at Greg.

” Thank you, Miss Elizabeth, ” he answered. ” I knew that once I checked in here, I would never leave.”

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