Mistress Rosie’s Rules For Slave Behaviour

1. Never speak unless spoken too.  You are a miserable dog, a slut, a pig, a whore. You are fortunate that I even waste my breath on you.

2. Always say Thankyou, Mistress, and Yes Mistress when you are addressed. Proper etiquette goes along way with The Mistress.

3. Never forget your place. You are below me. A subservient whore. I will not tolerate insubordination.

4. While I adore a Needy Slut,  No One wants  a Clingy Whore!!! NO STALKING!!!

5. Never forget to tell me that you adore me.

6.Gifts are appreciated, as are kind gestures.

7. When I tell you to do something , you do it, DAMMIT!!!

8. My pleasure always comes first, it is all about THE MISTRESS!!!

9. A good Mistress is like a lawyer and a psychiatrist rolled into one.  Your dirty little secrets are safe with me, I am a TRUE MISTRESS!!!

10. Never forget that I own your pathetic ass!!!


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