My Personal Path to Enlightenment

I have been trying to denounce the presence of a higher power for most of life. Being of the intellectual persuasion I studied different religions and philosophies,taking what I could from each one and leaving the rest behind.

At one point in my life I actually cursed God, and for this I am not proud, but it was on My Journey. I could not understand how God could allow such pain and suffering in the world, especially to little children and innocent victims of tragedy.

Tragedies happen because they need to happen. Without Evil, There would be no Good.  Without Darkness, No Light.

It is when we hurt bad enough that we are willing to make a change in our lives.

These truths did not come to me easily.

Each day I pray for an answer, and I receive one.

I intuitively know how to handle situations which used to baffle me.


One thought on “My Personal Path to Enlightenment

  1. 5 stars for complete obliviousness delivered with such a confident knowledge of nothing. Been there. I’m a scientist (hate having my mouth peed in), and truly knew the highest truth was none that was one or significant. One fact; light IS. Darkness has no knowledge of it.
    Anyway, thanks for being bold. you’ll probably be accountable for it, as i was. but when the light is revealed to fools bold enough to be afraid, foolish, ignorant, confident, sexy, and artistic – it is truly wonderful to find a truth so “true” it never needed you, and is not trying to be what it is. And it feels good to be wrong about some things. First, that there is Grace. Because we are accountable to truth like an apple to gravity. That Light of Truth assures you that you are not alone. It is always the same. It’s not for us, but given to us that may receive it. I’m not even preaching. It really has to be said like that. Fucking wonderful when you stop needing to know what enlightenment is and can enjoy the simpler things in life.

    Like losing your soul and self esteem to the temple of sexual and emotional bondage.
    My mouth’s wide open. For I am your witness that blood and flesh can’t be trusted. Only this one Holy medium brings me piece of mind. 🙂

    OK. Thanks. Bye.


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