My Sister’s Dog by Citizen X aka The Waterwitch

My Sister’s Dog by Citizen X

Part 1

My sister was cock-teasing me again, and I was near faint with gratitude.  It was a welcome torture I’d been denied for the past ten years, and I was both hard as stone at the exquisite pleasure she represented, and utterly humiliated by my body’s hungry reaction to her.

We were at the family’s annual summer-time barbeque.  I had flown in for the week.  It had been a tough year for me, what with my wife divorcing me and taking up with a wealthy surgeon.  I needed the break, and I always loved seeing, as well as dreaming about, my luscious sister.

It was hot that day and there was a lot of beer and wine on hand.  Between the booze and the balmy weather, I started feeling pretty light-headed.  As for Shane, my sister, she was spectacularly sexy to look at as usual.  First of all, she’s tall – at 5’11” she’s as tall as I am.  She can pierce me with her startling light yellow-green eyes, and when she stands near me, I naturally begin to feel as weak as a mouse under the gaze of a hawk.  When she’s wearing her tall spikes, her chin is at the level of my eyes.  It’s intoxicating, I confess, to feel the dominance implied by her physical presence.  She’s got perfectly straight, gold-colored hair, parted in the middle and hanging down over her shoulders, and she always off-sets her fair coloring by ensuring that her nails are done in a deep, rich red.  Shane is, and has always been, striking – imperious, regal, and stunning.

In addition to her height and fair coloring, she’s stacked – a living Barbie.   I remember her as a tall, skinny kid who almost overnight exploded into overwhelming pulchritude.  Her breasts are very, very large, but they have hardly any of the sag to them you would expect from breasts of that size. When we were young one of the neighborhood boys used to call her “torpedo tits”, until one day she actually slapped him senseless.  Her waist is tiny, and sets off the gorgeous flare of her hips.  As for her ass, it’s perfectly voluptuous; perfectly traffic-stopping.  It’s big and bouncy and hypnotic in the way she knows how to make it sway back and forth as she stalks regally about, reveling in the effect it has on the truly weaker sex.  And, as if to accent the deeply cleft perfection of it, she has the slightest platinum colored down dusting the top of her ass, just were it starts to lewdly swell.  As if to accentuate her body, she was wearing short-shorts, her round, gorgeous ass peeking out the bottom.  She also had on a large cut-off football jersey, and I could see that her big, jutting tits were unleashed beneath it.

As I said, I was a little drunk and noticing that she was in a playful, flirtatious sort of mood, having drunk quite a bit of wine herself, I decided to start the conversation I had been trying to have with her for the past ten years.  You see, ever since she’d left home, gone to college, and gotten married, she’d determinedly acted as if nothing had happened between us when we were teenagers.  We were military brats, so we’d moved frequently, and were dependent mostly on each other for company.  That was great when we were kids, but as we moved through puberty without close ties to any peers, it provided for some unbearably erotic and socially unacceptable situations between us.  Situations which I will take great pleasure to recount in a future telling.

But for now, here I was again, pathetically trying to rekindle her interest in me.  It drove me crazy – she’d so clearly moved on, and I was still obsessed.  I’d wanted to tell her how she’d set me on a path to perversion from which I hadn’t been able to stray, and that my need for her was undiminished.  I wanted to tell her that all I had to do was think about her being cruel to me and I could make myself come in a minute.  But every time I tried to bring it up, to get her drunk or alone or whatever, she either demurred or someone interrupted.  It was as if she had closed that part of her life.

Maybe I was being extra-reckless due to the divorce and the beer and the haze of my un-slaked lust, but instead of just hinting around, I jumped right in.  I began to tell her how gorgeous and sexy she still was, how she was even more delicious looking now that she had grown into voluptuous womanhood.  I told her that I and every other man at the picnic was drooling over her spectacular tits, and who could blame us?  Perhaps I was a little too pushy, but I was utterly sincere in my worshipful praise.

As I spoke, feeling elated that she was even still listening to me, her husband wandered over.  Damn, I thought, not again.  When he got there, she stood close to him pressing her breasts into his arm, but not touching him otherwise, as she exchanged small talk with him.  Then she turned to face me, allowing her ass to rub the front of his shorts.  I think he thought it was all very surreptitious, but I could easily tell what she was doing, and I could see her nipples were incredibly stiff with excitement.  His eyes practically rolled back in his head.  She was watching me very closely for my reaction as she did this.  I’ll admit, she was so powerful and exciting and in control that my cock also began to get hard, and that’s when she pushed him away.

“Go away, Jeff,” she told him, “I’m talking to Nick now.”  I admired her harsh tone of cold command.  To my surprise and delight, Jeff wordlessly left.

“So, Nick, still hot for your little sis?” she breezily inquired.

I started to babble.  Now that the conversation I’d been playing in my head for years was actually happening, I fumbled in the face of her straightforward confidence.  Trying to get hold of myself, I ventured into the previously forbidden topic of our teenage years.  Though she remained silent, offering no encouragement with either word or expression, neither did she interrupt me.  So, emboldened, I confessed my greatest secret – that I used to spy on her through the bathroom window while she played with our male Labrador.  Afraid she’d go ballistic that I’d witnessed this, I rushed to tell her that it was, by far, the single most searingly erotic thing I’d ever seen, and it changed my life forever.

“Hmmmm, you saw that, did you?  It wasn’t nice to spy on me,” she purred.  Ok, so she wasn’t going ballistic, but the dangerous glint in her eyes belied her silky tone.  It was then I began to wonder if this conversation might be a terrible mistake.  Sis could be scarily vengeful if you pissed her off.  But there was no going back now.

“Well, I couldn’t help it,” I began.  “You had me all tied up in knots every day as it was, so the first time I saw you leaning over the bathroom sink and spreading your ass cheeks so that dog could lick you, I nearly died of pleasure.  I couldn’t have dragged myself away if there was a gun to my head.  But the thing was, I got so jealous of that damn dog, I couldn’t stand it.  Every day I watched you lavish attention on him – you’d brush him, bathe him, feed him.  You’d put him on a leash and take him for long walks around the neighborhood…you had him perfectly trained to obey your every command.  God, Shane, I was so wildly envious of him just for that.  But then to see you letting the dog get you off after you’d been mercilessly teasing me all day….it was just so unfair.  To this day, my most crushing fantasies involve me as your eager and adoring dog.”

“I see,” she replied coolly.  “Did it ever occur to you I preferred playing with Scout?”  Ouch.  “Serves you right, anyway, Nick, you filthy pervert.  I’m your sister.  It’s wrong.  It was one thing when we were unruly teens, but we’re all grown up now, so get a grip!”

I was abashed, her words hitting home like physical blows, and yet…if she thought it was so wrong, why was she standing so close?  Of course, we needed to keep our voices down, but still, she didn’t need to keep the tips of her breasts brushing against my arm, or lean in so close to speak that her hot breath seared my face.  And look at her outfit!  Oh, she was such a teasing bitch.

“What can I say?” I feigned nonchalance.  “You were always just too smoking hot and kinky for any other woman to compare. I confess that I’ve been dying to tell you that for years.”

“Ha, I’m sure,” she laughed.  And then, after glancing around and moving in front of me, she did something that shocked me to my core – she reached out and grabbed my cock, which was already stiff as a board under my loose shorts.  I gasped with pleasure, my hips involuntarily pushing against her hand.  It was so explosively hot, and I later wondered just how lewd it would have looked had we been observed from the right angle.  Though at the time, I admit, my self-control was completely overwhelmed, and it didn’t even occur to me to care.  In fact, the only thing that kept me from raping her right there in front of the whole damn family was the same thing that kept me from raping her when we were kids – she’d trained me early and well to never take a liberty she didn’t invite.  A few well-placed threats to tell mom and dad kept me firmly in line, then, and now too.

“Ah, Nick, still so easy to control.”  She kept her hand grasped firmly around the shaft of my cock as she continued to mock me, and I was seriously close to coming.  “Still such a deviant.  Did you know I used to spy on you, too?”   Though I couldn’t possibly manage a sentence with her gripping my cock like that, if I’d been able to speak I could have told her I did know she’d spied on me, and that exhibitionism and voyeurism were just two more life-long fetishes I could lay at her perfect shapely feet.  I was exquisitely aware of her hand squeezing me just a little more firmly as she went on.  “You’d be all sweaty and shaky, panting hard and practically rubbing the skin off your cock before shooting off, and I knew all you ever thought about when you did it was me.  You deserved every bit of torture I put you through, you nasty whore.”  I thrilled to her explicit language.

I wanted to tell her she was still all I thought about when I masturbated, and there was nothing I wanted more than to be punished for being so nasty, but she noticed over my shoulder that mom and dad were approaching, and let me go.  No way could I face them, even with the baggy shorts and a t-shirt covering my shameful hard-on, so I walked away without a word, leaving her to explain my abrupt departure.  I dove into the pool, hoping it would ease my raging erection.  About an hour passed, my head swimming with the developments of the day.   I tried to talk to her again, but she just gave me a taunting smile and walked away.  I was dying to continue our conversation, but I had to masturbate in the worst way.

So, I told everyone that I didn’t feel well.  Too much sun and food and since it was so noisy, and would be for hours longer, I was going to retreat to Shane’s air conditioned house for a nap.  I slipped out, hoping to get myself off before she returned home with her lucky husband.

Part II

I began by taking a long hot shower in her bathroom and then, on a whim, I peeked into her hamper where I found a bewildering array of gorgeous underwear.  I selected a black thong and walked to the guest room to climb into the huge, luxurious, bed.  The room was cool but my skin was hot, so I lay naked on top of the comforter.  My cock hadn’t fully subsided in hours.  I idly stroked her panties on my cock and thought about the day but I guess I really was tired, because I dozed right off.

I awoke when I thought I heard a click, but I lay silently and heard nothing else, so I relaxed.  As usual upon waking, I began to fantasize about her, her magnificent porn-star tits and voluptuous, deeply cleft ass.  My cock was stiff, the panties still draped on it.  I brought them to my face and breathed deeply as I began to stroke my painfully hard and unrelieved erection.

And then the door swung open.  It was she, of course, and I was frozen at the sight of her.  She was wearing a short, silk bathrobe, loosely tied at the front, and a pair of black stiletto mules.  I was mortified, but excited too.

“Nick, you are such a slut!” she ridiculed as she strode into the room, clearly unsurprised to see me like that.  “I come home to check on you to make sure you’re all right and not sick and I find you sluttishly masturbating in my guest room.  I suppose you’re thinking of me again?  Are those my panties, you whore?”

Groaning with excitement and utterly vulnerable, I stretched my arms above my head and grabbed the head-board.  I pulled my knees up a bit and let my legs lie wide open, hoping that she would appreciate the pose of submission.  “Yes, Shane…forgive me.  I was just dreaming of giving you pleasure.”

She stood over me and let one hand languidly fall to my thigh, running her nails along it, and up past my cock to my nipple.  “Well, slut, I’m difficult to please.  You know, you helped me develop a taste for power and the desire to punish as well as reward.  You understand this?  You understand you need to be cruelly punished for your sinful, incestuous lust?”

As she spoke, my cock began to pulse with each beat of my heart.  I said, “God, yes.  Please…I’m yours to do with whatever you wish.”

She pinched my nipple enough to make me wince, and pleased with that effort, said, “That’s good, slut, because you’ll have to endure pain for my pleasure.  You’re eager to do that, aren’t you?”

I nodded mutely as she inserted her finger into my mouth.  I began to suck avidly.  As I did, the silk tie of her robe began to loosen as if of its own accord, revealing tantalizing glimpses of her lush, decadent body.  Her thong was pulled high on her hips and the tiny patch of fabric barely covered the bottom of her shaved cunt lips or the light spray of platinum hair peeking out the top.  I could see her nipples were thick and dark and long, and, devastatingly, each pierced with a gold ring.

I groaned involuntarily as she shrugged lightly and the silk whispered to the floor at her feet.

Part III

Her body was all that I had remembered and more. Her legs were long and strong from years of aerobics instruction, but she wasn’t skinny and hard looking.  Her hips had just the right amount of spare flesh on them to give them the look of decadence.  Her belly was toned, but possessing a voluptuous curve, and she had a single jewel dangling from her pierced navel.

“I see you like that jewel,” she noticed my gaze, “don’t you, slut?   It’s a gift from one of my slaves. Pretty, isn’t it?”

I nodded as I continued to suck hungrily, and looked inquiringly at her, hoping that she’d tell me more.

“Oh, yes, slut, I have gone far since we were kids. And it’s all because of you, really.  At first it was odd and guilty feeling, of course, knowing that my brother was so turned on by my body.  To tell you the truth, when I saw how big your cock would get, it was intimidating.  I was soooo young.  But, guess what, big brother,” here she paused a beat, “I knew you watched me.”  She’d removed her fingers from my mouth and slipped them inside her panties, idly rubbing her clit as she talked.  “And I really couldn’t resist teasing your cock because I quickly discovered how frantically you’d masturbate because of me.  I began to get really turned on by the fact that you were putty in my hands.  I knew the slightest flash of nipple, the least erotic movement, the most casual word, would drive you mad – and I began to enjoy that.”

There was so much I wanted to say, but I dared not break the spell when she was so obviously enjoying this.  With her hand in there, the panties were pushed to the side so I could see her fingers stroking inside the wet lips of her cunt.

“It made me very hot to torture you that way, big brother.  I’d spend a lot of time coming up with ways to shock you and make you crazy while you were spying on me, which I know you did ALL the time, pervert.  Surely you noticed the progression of my outrageous behavior…I think the dog was a stroke of pure genius.”  She laughed evilly as she said this, then, to my delight, she re-inserted her soaked fingers between my lips, and with them slowly fucked my sucking mouth.  “Here was my big jock of an older brother who wanted to put it to his little sister in the worst way, and all you could do was watch me give it to the dog and jerk yourself off.  Oh, I enjoyed your pathetic desperation; I’d come so hard knowing you were ogling the show.  I loved having that kind of power over you, that’s why I so rarely touched you or let you touch me.  It was far more exciting to have you observing but unable to join in, wracked with unrequited lust.  I still get a kick out of it when I see you look at me with those hot, pleading eyes, and I’ve really enjoyed thwarting you every time you’ve tried to bring it up ever since.”

I closed my eyes and moaned around her fingers, overwhelmed by her ruthless nature.

“After I went off to college,” she continued, “I discovered that my skills made me the complete master of campus.  Desperate boys willing to do anything to touch, and many girls too.  That’s when Jeff became my slave. He’s rich and a masochist, so I find him to be amusing, and he so enjoys the torture of watching me play with my sluts.”

I was shocked.  I knew Jeff was pussy-whipped, but he always seemed so staid.  I just never pictured him as a masochistic cuckold to my apparently accomplished Dominatrix sister.  The lucky fucking bastard.

“I still keep a stable, but to tell you the truth, I’ve always felt something was missing.”  She paused.  “I’ve never admitted it to myself before, but I know now the missing part would be you, the very first person enslaved to their desire for me.  Do you want to be my slave, darling?”

Practically whimpering, I nodded my head, my mouth still sucking greedily on her fingers.  She was using her other hand to tease my body, pinching my nipples and slapping my cock, sending me to heaven.

”I finally decided to allow you to be my slave when I grabbed your cock earlier,” she informed me.  “I was testing your size, and I think it’s even bigger than it used to be.  It’s so difficult to find a truly big cock that’s attached to something halfway decent.”  She was still tormenting my cock, scraping it with her nails, pinching and slapping the head, weighing my taut balls in her hand.  “I’m actually very pleased at how thick and straight it is, slut.”

I was beyond elated that my body pleased her.

Suddenly, she removed her hands from my body and slipped that tiny g-string down her hips, rendering herself naked but for those glorious spikes and body jewelry.  Her tits were huge and jutting and her nipples so dark and thick.  I stared intently with watering mouth aching to suck them when I was shocked to notice the milk that was running lightly down them, catching on the gold hoops before dripping off her breasts.

Again, I whimpered.  The thought of suckling my sister’s milky tits was almost too much to bear.

“Mmmm, I see you like my wet nipples.  After Emma stopped breast-feeding, I discovered how much I enjoyed having my sluts suck my milk and so I’ve kept them wet.  I have my nipples sucked regularly throughout the day to keep the milk flowing.  It’s a delicious reward that I reserve for those who have demonstrated the ability to properly endure punishment.  Who are suitably desperate to please me.”

She pinched each nipple ring and pulled slightly, which made them even harder, and caused more milk drip.

“Would you do anything to suckle me, darling?”  She asked silkily.

“Oh, yes, Shane!  I’ll be your very best slut, I promise you!” I cried with genuine sincerity.  But this was obviously the wrong thing to say as she cracked me across the face so hard my eyes watered.  Though this just served to pump my cock even bigger, I despaired that I’d displeased her already.

“How dare you use my given name!” she snarled at me.  “From now on, you are to call me Mistress, or Ma’am, or Goddess.  You’re never to use my name as if you were my equal.  So far, you haven’t even proven you’re good enough for me to do more than wipe my feet on, understand?”

I practically fell over myself with apologies, determined to never make that mistake again.

“Enough, shut up.” She cut off my groveling.  “Do you want to show Mistress how you can suffer for her?”

“Yes I’ll do anything for you, Mistress.”

“We shall see.”  Turning to the door, she called out, to my surprise, “Colleen, come in here.”

Colleen, a friend of hers for many years, crawled into the room on all fours, completely naked except for a strap on cock and a dog collar.  Colleen is deliciously overstuffed, almost impossibly voluptuous, but her flesh is succulently firm.

“Position, slut,” my sister commanded.  Colleen stood up and went to the bookshelf, opening a box and producing a pair of handcuffs and a spreader.  As I watched, Colleen attached the spreader to her own ankles, cuffed her wrists in front of herself, and then asked, “Which tool would it please you to punish me with, Mistress?”

Shane, laughing, said, “The cane, you silly whore.  I want to show Nick how much I enjoy hurting a fine slut like you.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Colleen moaned before walking to the desk and pulling a long, supple cane from the drawer.  She put it between her teeth, then leaned over the padded desk chair, which I discovered later was fixed to the floor.  Stretching her arms forward, she slipped the chain between her cuffs over a discreet but solid hook in the wall.  There she stood, trapped, stretched, legs wide, and totally vulnerable.

Snapping her fingers and pointing to the floor at her feet, my sister commanded me to kneel.  I did so quickly, but in my eagerness, I touched my hungry lips to her ass.  She turned and bent over and held my face in one hand, purring, “Darling, don’t ever touch me without my permission.”  With that she slapped me across the face again, leaving me reeling.  Through the ringing in my ears, I heard the women laugh.

As I recovered and assumed a kneeling position, my sister had taken the cane from between Colleen’s teeth and was stroking the slut’s big and bouncy ass.  I was in a position to see both the moisture her cunt was dripping down the inside of her thighs and the look of fear and ecstasy on her face.  She gasped as Shane’s first blow fell, leaving a wicked red weal on her ass.  For the next twenty lashes, my sister would pause between each one to stroke with a finger the welt from the previous blow, and listen to Colleen beg for the next.  I was sure my sister came around stroke number eighteen.  I’m not sure about Colleen; I was unable to take my eyes off my magnificent sister as she beat her slut with obvious zeal.

After the twentieth stroke, I could see that Colleen was crying with pain and pleasure and when my sister came up to her and held out a nipple, Colleen gratefully took and sucked like a starving whelp.  This time, my sister’s finger was on her clit and she definitely came.

After a bit, my Mistress came over to me, still in my sitting position on the floor, and started petting my head.  She spoke sweetly, “Colleen is a bit of a sadist too, and I told her that if she was a good slut, I’d let her have you for play.  She’s dying to fuck you.  Remember how she wanted to fuck you that New Year’s Eve and you denied her out of misplaced loyalty to that idiot nag of a girlfriend you had then?  Well, she hasn’t forgotten the slight.  Now crawl on the bed and put your ass up so she can fuck you like a bitch, big brother.”

I did as she commanded and they tightly bound my wrists to my ankles, leaving my ass high in the air, vulnerable and exposed, my cock in agonized rigidity and in this position poking me in the chest.

“Look, Colleen, isn’t he pretty,” my sister purred.  “I’m sure I’ll enjoy training him to be my pet dog.  Now, as promised, I shall allow you to rape him, but first…”

The sting of the riding crop was both surprising and painful, but I wanted to prove to Mistress that I would be a good slut for her.  I’d do anything to earn the pleasure of sucking her nipples, and tongue fucking her asshole, so I arched my back as much as possible to expose more of my ass and cock to the whip.  I was eager to beg as Colleen had done, but as my sister continued to beat me, Colleen knelt next to me on the bed and made me suck her “cock”.  “Make it wet, you dirty bitch,” she whispered ominously, “it’s the only lube you’re going to get.”  I could smell her cunt, and as she fucked my mouth and watched Shane whipping me, I could tell that she came too.

And then she stood behind me and fucked me.  At first gently, but then more harshly, holding on to my hips as she pummeled that big dildo in my abused ass.  It was painful, but my cock remained hard and began to drip pre-cum down my chest.  I could see the whole obscene tableau in the mirror – me in such an absurdly uncomfortable jackknifed pose, Colleen raping my ass as my sister alternated between feeling my cock for hardness and biting Colleen’s nipples.

When it was over, Sis slapped Colleen hard and full across the face.  “Wipe that smile off your slut face and get out.”  Colleen did as commanded and left on her knees as quickly as she had come.

Shane untied me and commanded me to kneel.  “You’ve done very well, pet.  And while your submission and humiliation is only beginning, you have earned a reward.  Lie down.”

I lay on the bed and she bound me hand and foot to the bed frame, then squatted over my face.  The heat from her cunt was like a steam bath and she invited me to lick her.  As I did, she began to play with my cock and then I nearly fainted when she took it into her mouth and sucked deeply.  As she grew more excited, she began to grind her cunt onto my chin while my grateful tongue lapped her asshole.  Just as she was about to come, she spun around and plunged her cunt down onto my cock.  And there she sat, my cock deeply embedded in her, her pierced nipples dripping milk onto my chest.

“You’ll do anything to please me, won’t you big brother?” she murmured.

Desperate to keep her there on my cock, I whispered, “Oh, yes…anything, Mistress.”

“Mmm, I think you might just make a good pet after all, slut,” she crooned as she inserted one of her nipples into my mouth.  She started to fuck my cock as I sucked ravenously on that nipple, and tugged the ring with my teeth, causing even more hot milk to flow in my mouth.   She ground her cunt onto my cock, fucking me slow, milking my shaft.  I fought to hold back my orgasm, and every time she felt me losing control, she’d grit through her teeth that I was not to come without permission, that I was not to dare to have a disobedient cock.  I could see her back arching in the mirror and feel her belly sweatily sliding against mine as she delayed orgasm by over-stimulating all her other parts.

Finally, just as I could hold it no longer, she commanded in a low moan, “Come now, slut.”

“Ahhhhh, Mistress!  Thank you!” I shouted with relief, and as I released long hot streams of boiling cum into her silky cunt, I could feel her pussy clamping down as she came, crying out and shaking all over.

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