Waiting For The Ravens

Morose visions swallow my soul

I lay hear waiting for  the Ravens

Blissfully they gather my carcass

I died long ago, I just didn’t know

Crows feast upon my open eyes

Take them please I beg of you

It is with these open eyes I see

It was all just good manners

Mixed with his good intentions

Leading me into a mire of sweet hell



Lipstick Kisses From The Devious Duo

Steven and Alistair were a devious pair. They lived their lives plotting revenge on those they felt had success due to them. One poor soul, Gene, currently wore the bullseye on his back.

Poor Gene, he had the misfortune of once being Steven’s Right Hand Man, doing most of his Grunt work for him, defending him when he did chauvinistic deeds. Gene was a true member of The Boy’s Club.

Gene, however, in his own right, was a gifted writer, and this did garner him attention at the publishing house where Steven was working.

Suffice it to say, Gene ended up stepping up yo the plate for Steven on many occasions, while Steven was off on a tangent, being temperamental , which he truly believed in his own mind was owed to him, Gene replaced him.

Steven having been close to Gene knew he had a penchant for Beautifully, deviant women..If he could just find one to throw a monkey wrench into the daily workings of Gene’s life, make him forget the business end of his job, he could get even with Gene and his former employer at the same time, but who?

Alistair had the perfect solution for Steven. He was very good friends with Crimson Maven a writer and a lipstick aficionado. She was the perfect choice to infiltrate Gene’s life. Beautiful, Wicked, Flirty, Feminine, and a Writer!  She was instructed to cozy up to Gene, get into a few of his books, then form a relationship with him, monopolizing all of his time, alienating him from other authors and friends. Pump up his ego, make him feel like he doesn’t need anyone but her, then when he has lost everyone and everything due to his blind spot for her, Spring the truth on him!

Lipstick Kisses From The Devious Duo.DeviousMinds

Lover’s Day

The sweet stench

from red roses

Given as a last

thought from

a lost thought

Perfumes the air

with stale sex

Lingering from

days gone by

Should have brought

a twin pack of douche

and a box of band aids

Let’s clear the air

and cover this hole

on this Lover’s DCheatsay

Yesterday’s Castaway

Well that Bitch has her nerve

Not Politically Correct at all

The Dumb Whore believes in herself

We’ll just have to fix that

What a laugh we’ll have

She thought she was family

Yesterday’s castaway is what she is

There’s no room for a broken domme

In a Chauvinistic Petrie  Dish


When you’re no fun

They tend to shun

The kids call it dissing

It feels like vipers hissing

Face it little girl

You’re dysfunctional

Used, Abused, Misused

Save it and Shut Up

No One cares anyway

You only look the fool

The pretty people rule

Suck it up little whore

This is a world for perfection

Sensitivity is for the weak

Ownership Isn’t Free

My slave boi Doc is quite a slut, and I won’t allow him any pleasure without any pain. He adores me for that and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ownership isn’t free as Doc found out, he has to work for it daily, earning my love and the right to worship me. Competition is fierce, and Doc would wither and die if he weren’t the Alpha Slave.

Alpha Slaves are very important in the hierarchy, they are the number one, and have earned the right to service Mistress sexually. They serve as a Slave Hubby.

Going back to Doc’s sexual appetite. He is a bit of a slut. He can be quite wanton, and it seems as if I am the only one that can control his unruly cock.


I decided to teach him a lesson one evening when he came in from work, falling to his knees, his cock already engorged and pulsating against me.  I had my fuck me stiletto pumps on already, anticipating this very moment. I decided I wanted to enjoy a cup of coffee and smoke a cigarette before horndog sprung into action. He needed to be HEELED of his Sexual Demons at the very moment, and I needed a footrest , so I commanded him to lay under my heels. I dug them in, back and forth, side to side, his moans made me water with delight.  I also took his belt and gave him a few lashes just for good measure. I believe I was ready now.

“Darling, do you understand why I do this to you? “I asked him.

Kneeling before me, he answered, “Because you are My Mistress and you adore me.”

I removed his collar.”make love to me slave boi , not as my slave but as my lover”
He looked into her eyes , his big brown eyes adoring me more than ever.
He  gently kissed her and then more passionately.Savouring the kiss his hands moved to her breasts fondling and carresing each one. Pulling and twisting a nipple his other hand slid down past my tummy , reaching between my thighs.
My pussy was so wet his finger entered into me.so wet so juicy.
His lips found a  nipple his tongue licking and sucking  increasing my desire as he gently bit on the nipple causing me to almost faint at the pleasure it brought. .He gently rubbed  on my clit slowly and then a little harder , my orgasm was not going to be long in coming.
He dropped to his knees  kissing my cunt his tongue flicking my clit , licking and sucking on her oh so swollen clit, my orgasm hit me almost immediately She arched her back , screaming out oh Fuck yesssssss.
He looked up adoringly at his Mistress and they drifted off to sleep Mistress , lover and slave all as one.
The collar back in place
Love you my darling Mistress.