Red Lipstick -Elizabeth Stevens w/Slave David

Dottie had just returned home from the drug store and was so pleased with what she had found that she just had to torment her brother David with it. In her bag she carried cosmetics, as her mother had just recently allowed her to begin applying  cosmetics.

“David,” she called out, ” Come see what I have for you!”

David already had a feeling that she was going to tease him again about his “Little Red Riding Hood”, so it was with dread that he went to her room.

“You see this, Darling David?” Dottie asked him holding out a tube of Cherry Red Lipstick.

“Yes. I am sure you will  wear it well,” he answered.

“You amaze me Darling Brother. This isn’t for me, it’s for you!” She laughed wickedly.

Popping the top off of the tube,  Dottie handed the lipstick to David.

” Now, put it on your rosy nipples David! Do it now!” she ordered him.

David did as he was told. Through his shame, he felt great arousal, and it did not go unnoticed.

“I knew it! You are positively shameless! Now that ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ is peeping out colour him too!” again Dottie taunted.

David took the tube of lipstick and covered the tip of his erection. He felt as if he were going to burst.

“Dottie, can I come up?” a familiar voice beckoned from the staircase. It was Eliza Jane, Dottie’s best friend.

“Looks like you are busted, Little Red Riding Hood!” Dottie laughed , “Sure Eliza Jane, come on up!”

David wanted to run, but couldn’t. He was flooded with feelings of guilt, shame and arousal all at once, thus leaving him paralyzed.

“David what are you doing?” Eliza Jane cried out upon entering the room and glancing upon David.

“Why he’s showing us his Little Red Riding Hood, Eliza Jane!” answered Dottie.

“Well, doesn’t he know that cherry red lipstick belongs on your lips?” Eliza Jane asked with a smirk.

“Good point, Eliza Jane. David, put some on your lips like the good little tart you are, ” Dottie commanded him.

David applied the lipstick to his mouth as Eliza Jane and Dottie laughed wildly. The only thing that matched his shame was his arousal, by this time he was leaking uncontrollably.

“That is just such a lovely shade of red, Dottie. I think I would like to try it, ” Eliza Jane said with a wink.

Eliza Jane placed her mouth around the red painted hood of  David’s penis, and gave his balls a soft squeeze. David could not contain himself and spilled his contents into Eliza Jane’s mouth.

Dottie laughed wickedly at the horror on her brother’s  face.

  Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2011 Lisa Dabrowski


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