Session With a CEO

bondagek: hiya
mistressrosie: hello baby
bondagek: sorry bout that
mistressrosie: thought you were off to work
bondagek: got put back until arvo
mistressrosie: baby we dont have to hurt your prescious sweet balls
bondagek: perhaps they deserve to be hurt mommy
bondagek: sometimes
mistressrosie: Mommy Loves every inch of you
mistressrosie: But I do have a slight , just a wee sadistic streak in me
bondagek: thats cool mommy
mistressrosie: Don’t want it to scare you off
bondagek: no way mommy do whatever you wish  me to do
mistressrosie: Truth be told I fancy a swat on my ass too
bondagek: clamp my nipples until I cant stand it
bondagek: mmmmmmmm nice mommy
bondagek: slave boy likes to hear that.
mistressrosie: Would you spank Mommy while you are fucking her like the dog that you are
bondagek: yes mommy I would
mistressrosie: and Mommy has a nice big soft ass
bondagek: mmmmmmm so luscious and nice mommmy slave boy has a nice hard cock
mistressrosie: slide it in Mommy and pound me
mistressrosie: pull my hair
mistressrosie: Make my Pussy quivver like a bowl of pudding
bondagek: yes mommy  yanking your hair pulling your head back my cock slides into your gorgeous hot wet juicy pussy
bondagek: slave boy fucks you harder and harder his breathing very rapid now slapping your ass when you least expect it mommy
bondagek: whack
mistressrosie: oh Mommy cums puddles
mistressrosie: Squirting
bondagek: and whack again as his long hard thick cock pounds into you.
bondagek: ohmy lovely mommy
bondagek: fucking good mommy my cum is all yours
mistressrosie: I writhe and Moan as I press my puss to your cock
mistressrosie: becoming one with you
mistressrosie: melting with you
bondagek: pinning you down still thrusting into you my balls against your pussy lips.
mistressrosie: I scream out your name in ecstacy
bondagek: my cock now so tender soaked with your juices
mistressrosie: cum deep inside Mommy
bondagek: go baby as i rake your back with my nails down to your ass fingering your ass ever so slightly
mistressrosie: oh yes, more, more
bondagek: my thick cum shoots into you
bondagek: seems to go on for ever.
mistressrosie: Mommy adores you
bondagek: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
mistressrosie: ;)Told you , you knew what to do
bondagek: Fuck yes , mommy I need a shower again lol
bondagek: I look forward to being tied down and surrending my virgin ass to you mommy
mistressrosie: oh yes
mistressrosie: I  can’t wait
mistressrosie: how sloppy was it
bondagek: very messy here
mistressrosie: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
mistressrosie: I too am soaked
mistressrosie: you are an excellent lover
bondagek: you are too mommy fucking wild
mistressrosie: I love it when you talk dirty’
bondagek: thank you mommy
mistressrosie: but you know that already
mistressrosie: don’t you?
bondagek: I like it when you talk to me like a mistress mommy talks to her slave.
bondagek: yes mommy
mistressrosie: Want me to be More evil
bondagek: just as wicked and evil as mommy wishes
mistressrosie: ok. so you don’t mind the sadistic stuff
bondagek: take this CEO to places he has never been beore except in his fantasies.
bondagek: Mysterious Lady
bondagek: Capture this shy man
mistressrosie: you are in for a wild ride Bitch
bondagek: this bitch will be waiting in gleeful anticipation
bondagek: I fucking adore you mommy
mistressrosie: don’t forget my photos slut
mistressrosie: you better fucking adore me
bondagek: yes mommy
mistressrosie: I am going to kidnap your Mind
mistressrosie: and you will play hell getting free of my ropes
bondagek: take everything for your own mommy my mind body and soul
bondagek: yes mommy
mistressrosie: I will settle for nothing less
mistressrosie: Ever eat cum?
bondagek: yes mommy
bondagek: no mommy I have thought about that but have not been game to do it.
bondagek: only pussy mommy
mistressrosie: I will force you to eat your own
bondagek: yes mommy
mistressrosie: anything I command you will do
mistressrosie: Understand?
bondagek: Understood mommy
bondagek: your Bitch understands you fully.
mistressrosie: Oh and BTW, you don’t fool me one bit
bondagek: sorry BTW???
mistressrosie: By the way
bondagek: ok
mistressrosie: I recognize your writing
mistressrosie: I am your addiction
bondagek: yes mommy
mistressrosie: Just wait until I fuck your ass
mistressrosie: You naughty creature
bondagek: Your Bitches ass awaits yor attention ,mommy
mistressrosie: I will turn it into a cunt
mistressrosie: shredding it
mistressrosie: fucking you so hard that your head rocks back and forth like a bobble head doll
bondagek: yes mommy his cock agrees with you it should be turned into a cunt
bondagek: mmmmmmmmm slave boy cant wait for this to happen.
mistressrosie: Me neither
mistressrosie: do you need to clean up your sloppy mess
bondagek: yes mistress mommy
mistressrosie: off with you Bitch
mistressrosie: and take my photos
mistressrosie: see you soon CEO?
bondagek: yes mommy bye for now
mistressrosie: I promise never to post your photos
bondagek: The Mysterious woman will
bondagek: thats fine thank you mommy
mistressrosie: we need to trust eachother slave boy
mistressrosie: I will degrade you privately
bondagek: She motions the Executive to the car and procedes to drive to her Manor
bondagek: yes mommy
mistressrosie: Is it in Australia or Boston, Bitch?
bondagek: He cant help noticing her beauty and ample bosom which immediately causes a bulge in his pants which the Mysterious woman is quick to notice.
bondagek: Boston , Mommy
mistressrosie: Figures
mistressrosie: Her Manor Is a Boarding House
mistressrosie: Hmm
mistressrosie: Heard this before
bondagek: Pulling into the Driveway The Mysterious Woman finally speaks and introduces herself.
mistressrosie: wrote it before
mistressrosie: What’s her name
bondagek: No its a Gothic Mansion miles from anywhere
mistressrosie: I need a CEO to BUY it for me, LOL
bondagek: She calls herself Goddess Lisa
bondagek: She tells him to go the door and wait as she puts the car in the gaage.
mistressrosie: outside of Boston then
bondagek: garage
bondagek: yes
mistressrosie: finish darling
mistressrosie: Or should I add to it
mistressrosie: She leads him into the parlor and orders him to have a seat
mistressrosie: she tells him to make himself comfortable while she slips into something more comfortable.
bondagek: The door is opened by an impressive figure of a man and is motioned into the house. The door clangs shut with a loud bang.
mistressrosie: much better darling
bondagek: He is told to wait. in the hall
bondagek: What seems an eternity a youngish woman with a full figure appears from nowhere. Follow me ‘slave’ .
mistressrosie: Mike are you trying to tell me I am untalented?
bondagek: God no
mistressrosie: I know that I owe everything to you
bondagek: You are much to talented this is just something I thaought you may like.
mistressrosie: it is very much so
bondagek: anyway the exec is in deep shit although he dont know it yet.
mistressrosie: tell me more
bondagek: okay
bondagek: He ponders on the word slave thinking , what did she mean. Anyway he follows her into a room that contains just a wooden bench and a free standing tub filled with water.
mistressrosie: go on
bondagek: She looks deep into his eyes and tells him that his new Goddess has been awaiting  his arrival and for him to strip bathe and lie face down on the bench
mistressrosie: mmm he is going to get it
bondagek: The exec is now trembling a little with fear but also some degree of anticipation of what may lie ahead.
mistressrosie: mmmmm
mistressrosie: I want to take you on that bench
bondagek: To be continued or mommy can go ahead from here with her thoughts on how the exec is to be captured.

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