Devil’s Grace is Amazing in Dixieland-a Cut-Up


Amazing inside
The hard I dixieland Grace devil to wish I how inside
Every believe I take sweet single we was my the one need in stand sound of a the to
That us place land live saved the called of and a devil hell
So cotton
Old die wretch inside
here hush things in like come little they dixie
Cause me the baby
Don’t are dixieland
I world
With you not that’s once the cry
You forgotten
Look where was look know away I lost in your look was but its daddys away born
Early now eye
Future bound look lord am uncertain to away one found but die
But dixieland
Oh frosty
Was certainly all I morning
Look blind slight
Look my wish away but at trials I look now the lord was away I faces
Listen will in look see to soon dixie away
The the be away dixieland

devil bells
It’s over
Oh away



Mistress Rosie’s Guide To Channel Surfing

The Remote Control - IMG_3932
The Remote Control – IMG_3932 (Photo credit: jeroen020)


It Occurs to me that some Asswhores don’t apply the proper Rules of Etiquette when Channel Surfing. As per the Usual, I have written them for your dumbasses, just to make your life, and hopefully the lives of those around you a wee bit easier.




1. NEVER Stop on an Infomercial and tell your partner that she should have a body like Christie Brinkley. You aren’t exactly CHUCK NORRIS, either, you Rat Bastard.


2. If you come across a well stacked woman , DO NOT turn to your partner and ask her if she would like a set of HOOTERS like that.


3. Don’t stop on a marathon of Happy Days and start repeating The Ralph Malph jokes, DON’T DO IT.


4. If you Find Reruns of Three’s Company on somewhere, don’t start saying, “Boy, I wish I could be in Jack Tripper‘s Shoe’s”. Dumbass, John Ritter is DEAD, and if you keep pissing off your mate, you might be too.


5. When you are watching sports, and your children are sleeping, screaming so damn loud every time someone scores or fouls. She shot daggers at you with her eyes the last time you woke up the baby, the next time the daggers may not come from her eyes.


6. If you have seen the movie before, don’t be a douche and give away the ending.


7. Don’t send her to the Kitchen to make you a sandwich, then turn the channel, only to tell her when she returns that her show has gone off. Do you think she is stupid?


8. Don’t watch depressing shit when you are depressed, it just makes it worse.


9. If you are too drunk to operate a phone, you are too drunk to Channel Surf.  You will Most Likely pass out in the chair with a six pack, drooling, all alone, with Fox News.


10. Just Give Her The Remote Already.





A strawberry Français : une fraise Galego: un ...
A strawberry Français : une fraise Galego: un amorodo Italiano: una fragola Español: una fresa Nederlands: een aardbei Svenska: en jordgubbe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Boil, Boil


All This


Toil and Trouble


Tell Me


How Does Your Vein




With a Shot Of




Or Maybe Some




What shall it


Be Today










How High


Will You


Get Today


Son Of a Bitch


What’s That


You Scream


All Out Of Junk


Get Out There


And Shake Your




I’m  Sure Daddy


Is Hungry


For a Juicy








Follow The Greenback Road

US capitol building
US capitol building (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Follow the greenback road

All you overworked zombies

Where, you say? To the Capitol City

Maybe there we can reclaim our lost souls

Held hostage by a recession of greedy bankers

Follow The Greenback Road, yes follow it

Unlock the secrets held in The Capitol City

I am sure they will open the doors for us

What’s that you say, Tin Man, Don’t Bother

They have had your soul for generations

What’s that, they took it before the ink dried

When they tore the heart from your constitution


Six O’Clock News

A bulletin presented by Sue Lawley and Nichola...
A bulletin presented by Sue Lawley and Nicholas Witchell. The bulletin design was in use from 1984–1993. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Masters of Delusion

Grand puppetry

In the show of shows

Sit  yourself down

The show’s about to start

You won’t want to miss this

Truly a breathtaking spectacle

Yes ladies and gents get ready

Behold a treat for the eyes and ears

Full of intrigue, murder, suspense

Not to mention wars, riots, and idiots galore

Hurry up, it’s time for the six o’clock news


The Ashtray

A lit cigarette in white ashtray with manipula...
Image via Wikipedia

Swirls of smoke

Billow into the air

Taking your place

You crouch

Neath my feet

Like a hungry dog

Begging for a treat

I flick my ashes

Into your hands

Blowing perfect rings

Of Smoke into your face

Thanking me as you writhe

From your wanton pleasure

You beg for another round

I place my foot on your

Manhood , teasing  you

Luring you to sweet release

Knowing that you are mine



The Dirty Rocker From Motor City

I was in Detroit for a convention celebrating all things Naughty when I ran into my Dirty Rocker. He was in his mid forties, and in stunning shape for his age. His exuberance and lust for life drew me to him immediately.

He was a vocalist and a songwriter for a moderately successful alternative rock band in the surrounding Detroit area, and was quite talented, although he introduced himself as Steve I could quite plainly see that he would be my Stevie. My Stevie was svelte and had a pretty face with luscious lips, gorgeous hair, and a rather shapely sweet bottom.  He would suit my needs perfectly during my stay in the Motor City.

” Would you like to accompany me to the after party? ” Stevie asked sheepishly, grasping my hand.

“I would be more than honoured, darling, as I am new to his area and haven’t a clue as to the crowd I will encounter in Detroit, I said as I accepted his invitation, both of us knowing it would lead to much more.

Stevie played an explosive set, all the while his eyes gazed on me. Dancing and jumping about the stage, he had the energy of a man half his age. A few of his songs were a bit risque, but this was a naughty convention, and he and his band were well received by the crowd. I could tell that he was seasoned, and my drifted to other thoughts as I watched him grasp the microphone and bend to the stand, soon he would be bending to me.

“Ready to go, Darling?” I asked him, meeting up with him backstage.

“Yes, we can go back to my apartment, I have a nice bottle of Sangria in the fridge.”

On the drive over to his place, I moved in close to him.

” Show me your panties,” I said unzipping his leather trousers.

I could feel the heat coming off his body, as waves of passion overcame him.

” My favourite colour slut, Black Lace.”

” You are My Goddess, ” he moaned.

After locking the door to his apartment behind us, I ordered him to strip and get on his knees. He obediently did as he was told. I walked into the kitchen and found a wooden spoon and brought it back into the living room with me.

” Bend over, you slut!” I commanded.

” Yes, Mistress,” he answered and did as he was told.

I spanked him fervently with the wooden spoon until he cried like a widow in mourning. He never once asked me to stop. I adore a slave who can take what I dish out.

I sat back on his sofa and spread my legs wide, and ordered him to crawl to me.

” Lick me until I tell you to stop!”

Stevie started out soft and slow, lapping from top to bottom,swirling circles around my engorged clit, teasing it. Placing his tongue inside me french kissing my dripping puss, catching all the juices as they flowed. His toungue worked it’s way up. once again finding my engorged clitoris, now so swollen, it was the size of a small penis, he sucked it, flicked it with his tongue, hummed on it, driving me into a frenzied orgasm.

He now knelt before me as I smoked a cigarette. His face glazed with my juices.

” Bend to me, You Dirty Virgin!” I shouted.

He bent over and bared his ass to me. I took the wooden spoon that I had used earlier and inserted the handle in his ass, taking it, making him mine. Swiftly, roughly, showing no kindness I made Stevie My Bitch.

After I was done he turned to me and sighed, ” Goddess, you own me!”