Chaos Under The Big Top

Chaos ensued under the big top

The Brotherhood of Clowns at war

Pies loaded with shards of glass

Tossed haphazardly in every direction

Not a care for who or what dripped blood

In the end none of matter anyway

Everyone was still there to see The King

The True Master of IT all in The Center Ringpennywise_in_suit_by_shift2d-d90vrva


Waiting For The Ravens

Morose visions swallow my soul

I lay hear waiting for  the Ravens

Blissfully they gather my carcass

I died long ago, I just didn’t know

Crows feast upon my open eyes

Take them please I beg of you

It is with these open eyes I see

It was all just good manners

Mixed with his good intentions

Leading me into a mire of sweet hell


Dancing with The Devil

Rapturous delights abound

Demonic Wings flutter about me

The chill and the thrill tickle and taunt

Psychotic ravings fill my mind

I have been driven mad with lust

Past the point of pleasure and pain

This diversion has drifted me to the edge

I am caught in a Schizophrenic Hell

Not knowing Fantasy from RealityEroticCrucix

Blood Rhapsody

BloodRhapsodyredpianodressShe was regal perched at the piano

Playing his favourite serenade

One glass became two bottles

He sat gazing at her bare shoulders

The striking of her fingers once soothing

Now a maniacal reckoning in his mind

He pictured his brothers lips upon her nakedness

An ire rose up in him that the wine could not contain

A piano wire he deftly pulled from his valise

Precision was the key struck by her fragile fingers

Her life force tickling the ebony and ivory in one last

Blood Rhapsody of insatiable lust and jealousy


The Death Howl

Chilled to the bone

You listen with morose suspense

Tension building with your soul

The rasp, rattle and hum

The misery that hangs in the air

Closing your eyes briefly

Memories of days gone by

A lifetime of love and pain

Flickers like a slideshow in dreams

Profound and Shrill it startles you

It will linger in your ears forever

The last gasps of FadingAwayThe Death Howl

Avenging Angel

Angels looking down from high

Hear the cries of children down below

Those that pray are often preying

Innocence stolen from thieves in the night

A Slaughtering of souls to feed the perverse

Evil wears his mask in public

The Avenging Angel ends the masquerade

Swooping down into his Shadows

Answering the prayer of the innocents