Closets Along The Way

He lived his life running

Hiding in closets along the way

Never living his life

Cheating those around him of theirs

Jumping from Closet to Closet

Desperate to hide his anguish

Pushing his pain on those around him

Cracking the door now and then

Tasting glimpses of freedom




it must be a DUCK

Male mallard duck Français : Canard colvert mâ...
Male mallard duck Français : Canard colvert mâle Русский: Кряква самец (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Arts and Entertainment


Isn’t anymore


once comparable to PBS


now needier and greedier


than the most common


of Glammed up Whores


found on the boob tube


slinging trash and collecting


all that sponsored cash


opinions are like assholes


one might rightly argue


but in my experience


if it walks like a DUCK


talks like a DUCK


quacks like a DUCK


then it must be a DUCK


tea bagging with revere

Paul Revere Riders Wanted
Paul Revere Riders Wanted (Photo credit: charlesfettinger)


chaos for the greater good


inside outside upside down


fuck me inside out and sideways


all the ways that they disallow


put in my mouth let me read


your swollen tea bags with my tongue


all lubed up now and ready to go


bend me over and shove it


straight in my rosie red gloryhole


hey paul revere let me ride you


all the way to the boston harbour


we’ll have a revolution of sorts


tossing old tea bags in the sea





Home Is Where the Hate Is
Home Is Where the Hate Is (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A dark and putrid presence

That envelopes your mind

To the point where you have no soul

Hate is another name for bigotry

It has caused wars and atrocities

Murders, Genocides, and Retardation

Hate is an evil that lurks in the ignorant

Hate lurks in the ill informed afraid of change

Eager to keep the old ways of yesteryear

They mame and mutilate in the name of God

Where there is Hate there can be no God

Hate has made them buy their own lies

Hate has taken any sense of values they once had away


Fag Hag

English: The attitude of haters towards motor ...
English: The attitude of haters towards motor proteins. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’d rather be a Fag Hag

Then a Tired Old Nag

Haters are  a waste of time

They aren’t even worth a rhyme

I fly my freak flag very high

Did I mention, I too am Bi

Love is  what’s on my plate

There is no room for your hate

Time for this hag to fly away

I feel witty and pretty and Gay

Off on a broom this hag will go

Where the Royalty is in the know


Defense of Marriage

An inverted pink triangle surrounded by a gree...
An inverted pink triangle surrounded by a green circle, as used to symbolize alliance with gay rights and space free from homophobia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is there to defend

A coupling of two souls

Be they both Male

Be they both Female

The heart does not care

Love does not discriminate

Nor put your weary soul on trial

The Self Righteous say they must Defend

Yet They are not the ones on trial

The defendants made to look like deviants

Simply because they fell in love

Are the Defendants standing trial


Ashtray’s Humiliation

Mug shot of Jim Morrison.
Mug shot of Jim Morrison. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ashtray had been messaging me incessantly all night, with wicked tales of his infidelity to me with a homosexual janitor. I was seething, and he knew it. Ashtray, having a sadistic streak of his own took great pleasure in bringing about jealousy in me.

I have no problem with him being with his wife, this is to be expected.

To have wanton sexual fantasies lived out without my permission, or with out benefit of my control is a completely different story, and he knew he crossed the line.

I rather enjoy watching my slaves suck cock, so needless to say I was upset that I was not present to view Ashtray’s infidelity. I was however delighted to hear that the gentleman held back and did not allow Ashtray to receive the full load that he hungered for. Good enough for the pathetic cumslut!

I taunted Ashtray with messages about my smoking, and pulling his red hair out by the roots, as I fucked his ass. he begged me to put my cigarette out on his back as I did so, and I was quite tempted to do so, ha I been able to get my hands on him at that moment.

He needed some form of immediate punishment.

He called me from his bus stop, around two o’clock in the morning. Perhaps a little Public Humiliation was in order?

He was already aroused from hours of messaging, and I knew he was ripe for the picking.

It is a one mile walk from the bus stop to Ashtray’s house. This gave me ample time to domme him all the way home. knowing him as I do, i already knew that his pathetic ass was walking down the street with an erection. I promptly ordered him to put his hand his pocket and begin to stroke his cock as strolled down the street. his breathless sighs were music to my ears, and the thought of him getting caught for public wanking added to my pleasure. I forced him to increase his stroking the closer he got to his home. He did not resist me. He knew he had done wrong, and to be honest the exhibitionist in him was enjoying it as well.

With his home in his view i ordered him to shoot his load. He did as he was commanded. I felt somewhat vindicated as Ashtray walked home with wet pants, knowing he was reduced to being a Public Wanker.