When The Curtain Drops

My Father came to visit me last night, normally this wouldn’t seem out of the ordinary, except for the fact that he has been dead for nearly twenty years. He grabbed me by the hand and lead me to a party, some face I recognized, friends and family who had recently passed on. ‘

“This, Baby Girl is the Cast Party. We all come here to unwind when the show is over, ” he said before offering me a refreshment.

I noticed a few people being taken out in handcuffs. This alarmed me, naturally I questioned my father about it.

” Well, I’ll tell you baby Girl, The Director felt they gave an awful performance, so they are being cast out. He just doesn’t see any hope for them.”

Looking around I didn’t see my Ma , by brother or my mother. I became nervous. What had become of them? Again I put my concerns forth to my father.

Sometimes The Director sees potential in people and decides to give them a repeat performance, to allow them to hone their craft. Your mother and brother are among those people they sent back to give an encore.

People like Me and Ma , the more experienced ones get to enjoy fruits of our labour. Ma is up there no in the Penthouse waiting for me.



Tomorrow The Show May Close

Darling you say life is but a stage

Hence we are the only actors

There are those who are well versed

Others choose to fumble through

Beware the understudy who is quite capable

Willing as well to grab your role

Play your part today dear friends

Tomorrow the show may close



A Fuck I Give Not (BiLingual)

Fuck copyright
Fuck copyright (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A fuck I give

A fuck I give not

He doth not shit rainbows

Nor piss pink champagne

He loves me

He loves me not

A fuck I give

A fuck I give not

Pretty pink petals

Plucked for a game

Blown into the wind

A macabre waste of beauty

He loves me

He loves me not

A fuck I give

A fuck I give not


Un polvo Doy

Un carajo me importa

Él no echa mierda arco iris

Tampoco mear champán rosado

El me ama

Él me ama no

Un polvo Doy

Un carajo me importa

Pétalos bastante rosados

Desplumados para un juego

Soplado en el viento

Un desperdicio macabra de la belleza

El me ama

Él me ama no

Un polvo Doy

Un carajo me importa

Shakespearean Flatulence

To Fart

Or Not

To Fart

That is

The Question

If I hold it much longer

I stand a very real danger

Of popping a few stitches

letting it rip could very well mean

The end of my clean britches

oh what a quandry i am in

this reminds me of my disco daze

and all my nights on broadway

all that jive talking wasted

just blowing hot air

with a smile I will let it fly

Tis a Tragedy when you

Blow a Fart and fill your pants




Predatory Lending a Modern Day Soliloquy

Bank of America - Take Back the Economy 4-28-0...
Bank of America - Take Back the Economy 4-28-09 (12) (Photo credit: seiuhealthcare775nw)

Predators of human faith and dignity

Lulled the poor to borrow and borrow 

Leaving no regard of what was to become tomorrow

Foreclosures aplenty leaving them homeless

Families line the streets in despair

Their lives in turmoil and disrepair

Predatory lending yesterday cost them big

The banks never lose when they sock it to you