When The Curtain Drops

My Father came to visit me last night, normally this wouldn’t seem out of the ordinary, except for the fact that he has been dead for nearly twenty years. He grabbed me by the hand and lead me to a party, some face I recognized, friends and family who had recently passed on. ‘

“This, Baby Girl is the Cast Party. We all come here to unwind when the show is over, ” he said before offering me a refreshment.

I noticed a few people being taken out in handcuffs. This alarmed me, naturally I questioned my father about it.

” Well, I’ll tell you baby Girl, The Director felt they gave an awful performance, so they are being cast out. He just doesn’t see any hope for them.”

Looking around I didn’t see my Ma , by brother or my mother. I became nervous. What had become of them? Again I put my concerns forth to my father.

Sometimes The Director sees potential in people and decides to give them a repeat performance, to allow them to hone their craft. Your mother and brother are among those people they sent back to give an encore.

People like Me and Ma , the more experienced ones get to enjoy fruits of our labour. Ma is up there no in the Penthouse waiting for me.



Love Travels Faster Than The Speed Of Hate- J. Cartier

Tis the season for shunning

Those that are different

The Freaks that are different

The Underdogs that don’t fit in

They think outside the box

March to their own drums

The only gift they have to bring

Is their song

Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum

You Mock them and laugh

Kicking them to the curb with the trash

Their tune resonates upon the world

Love travels Faster than the speed of Hate

Shine On with your Glow Underdogs and Freaks

You are The True Leaders

Pa Rum Pum Pum PumRudolph-Red-Nosed-Reindeer-003[1]

Paint an N Above My Door

Paint an N above my Door

Hate me because I love

I will love you anyway

Terrorize my village

Make love illegal if you wish

I will continue to love you anyway

Behead me and impale it on a stake

Make an example of the N word

My love holds no bounds

It flows freely and I am not ashamed

Love will rise again and again


Seared within her soul

Memories of lifetimes

Lived centuries ago

Lovers have come

Lovers have gone

Leaving their imprint

Securely cast in her mind

One glance is all it takes

To crack open the window

Revealing hidden memories

Stored inside your heart and soul










Baptized In Fire

He travels a restless path

In search of his own Soul

A self-professed man of the cloth

A mystical magical shaman

A monk gone mad from his own rot

Baptized in fire and lust until blind

Visions overwhelm his third eye

Gifts or curses he knows not which

Unholy heat rises in his heart for her

His Queen,  he Bows to, will soon fade

Her price for keeping him as her pet

My Brother’s Keeper

Dred keeper
Dred keeper (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am my brother’s keeper


for to leave him languish


while I have and he has not


breeds hatred and darkness


that the heart nor soul can abide


I am my brother’s keeper


for I  keep a watchful eye


feed him when he is hungry


clothe him when he is cold


love him when he can not


nor will not love himself


I am my brother’s keeper