Mistress Rosie’s Guide To Channel Surfing

The Remote Control - IMG_3932
The Remote Control – IMG_3932 (Photo credit: jeroen020)


It Occurs to me that some Asswhores don’t apply the proper Rules of Etiquette when Channel Surfing. As per the Usual, I have written them for your dumbasses, just to make your life, and hopefully the lives of those around you a wee bit easier.




1. NEVER Stop on an Infomercial and tell your partner that she should have a body like Christie Brinkley. You aren’t exactly CHUCK NORRIS, either, you Rat Bastard.


2. If you come across a well stacked woman , DO NOT turn to your partner and ask her if she would like a set of HOOTERS like that.


3. Don’t stop on a marathon of Happy Days and start repeating The Ralph Malph jokes, DON’T DO IT.


4. If you Find Reruns of Three’s Company on somewhere, don’t start saying, “Boy, I wish I could be in Jack Tripper‘s Shoe’s”. Dumbass, John Ritter is DEAD, and if you keep pissing off your mate, you might be too.


5. When you are watching sports, and your children are sleeping, screaming so damn loud every time someone scores or fouls. She shot daggers at you with her eyes the last time you woke up the baby, the next time the daggers may not come from her eyes.


6. If you have seen the movie before, don’t be a douche and give away the ending.


7. Don’t send her to the Kitchen to make you a sandwich, then turn the channel, only to tell her when she returns that her show has gone off. Do you think she is stupid?


8. Don’t watch depressing shit when you are depressed, it just makes it worse.


9. If you are too drunk to operate a phone, you are too drunk to Channel Surf.  You will Most Likely pass out in the chair with a six pack, drooling, all alone, with Fox News.


10. Just Give Her The Remote Already.






A strawberry Français : une fraise Galego: un ...
A strawberry Français : une fraise Galego: un amorodo Italiano: una fragola Español: una fresa Nederlands: een aardbei Svenska: en jordgubbe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Boil, Boil


All This


Toil and Trouble


Tell Me


How Does Your Vein




With a Shot Of




Or Maybe Some




What shall it


Be Today










How High


Will You


Get Today


Son Of a Bitch


What’s That


You Scream


All Out Of Junk


Get Out There


And Shake Your




I’m  Sure Daddy


Is Hungry


For a Juicy








Netted Fish

Big Brother 2000 (UK)
Big Brother 2000 (UK) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Praise Be To Orwell


The Visions he wrote

Made Him an Immortal Literary Prophet


Warning us of Big Brother


Perhaps I should Doublethink


The next line I write


In the fear I might be committing


A virtual thoughtcrime


They are watching  us


For the Greater Good


Caught In a Memory Hole


We are Part of their vortex


Online, a fish on a line,


Reeling Us In with their lures


Baited, we have no choice


A Netted Fish has no Freedom








Blessed Mother

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (season 6)
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (season 6) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just watching an episode of SVU

Trying to Unwind from a long day

They pulled up outside her door

They needed to confiscate her laptop

Wait a minute, this was happening on TV

Part of an ongoing investigation they explained

I am blessed for the blurring surrealism that night

Though angst ridden as our relationship has been

My daughter and I were given the chance to have one

Due to the hard work of the men and women in blue

Jaded Soul

Jaded (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I have lived for centuries
I have lived for one day
I have lived long enough
To be a Jaded Soul

I have loved
I have lost
I have won
I have laughed
I have cried
I am jaded

People come
People go
Lovers love
Haters hate
I am jaded

I once had it all
I was oblivious
I couldn’t see
I lost everything
In one fell swoop
I am a Jaded Soul

Ode to Dick Clark

Publicity photo of American Bandstand host Dic...
Publicity photo of American Bandstand host Dick Clark. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Giving us Rock and Roll in Philly

Spinning records five days a week

You helped to usher in a youth culture

Revolutionizing the music industry

Desegregating it for the racist bigots

Knowing that Music is truly colorblind

Then it was the Wild Surf Scene out west

Giving us a whole new beat to dance to

Through it all you rocked out forever young

Through the years on  American Bandstand


Six O’Clock News

A bulletin presented by Sue Lawley and Nichola...
A bulletin presented by Sue Lawley and Nicholas Witchell. The bulletin design was in use from 1984–1993. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Masters of Delusion

Grand puppetry

In the show of shows

Sit  yourself down

The show’s about to start

You won’t want to miss this

Truly a breathtaking spectacle

Yes ladies and gents get ready

Behold a treat for the eyes and ears

Full of intrigue, murder, suspense

Not to mention wars, riots, and idiots galore

Hurry up, it’s time for the six o’clock news