The Awakening part 2

Leaving Kevin to get settled into his room, Elizabeth returned to hers. Sitting at her dresser, she lit a candle and some incense and began to stroke her long dark auburn hair. Glancing in the mirror, she could see herself in a flowing white gown with ruffled sleeves. Her reflection smiled back at her. Once again Elizabeth felt a chill. The woman in the mirror looked like her, but it wasn’t it her.

All writers have a touch of a madness about them, but was she finally going completely mad?

“I am merely shaken by all of this Swift’s Hollow nonsense,” She said, as she continued to stroke the tendrils of her hair.

“It has been a long time since I have been out of this house, ” she thought to herself, “Perhaps I will invite him out for drinks this evening.”

Again the reflection smiled eerily at her. She embraced it this time. It was a part of her after all, wasn’t it?


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