The Changing Room by Slave David with Elizabeth Stevens

“Why, David, this is just darling,” Lisa exclaimed. She held up between her two fingers the skimpy garment to David’s eye level.  It was the bottom to a teenaged-girl’s  two-piece bathing suit, barely two small triangles of colorful fabric connected by a circle of fragile-looking strings. “And, look, those little red seahorses printed on it in red. They are just you, David”

David felt his face redden, and wished he was standing anywhere except in the Junior-Miss section of this beachfront clothing store. Surely his guardian, Lisa, did not mean that THIS was to be his new bathing suit. David began to twist uncomfortably, hoping no one else in the store was noticing him standing there, with the girl’s bikini bottom held up for his inspection in front of him.

“I agree,” said Kathleen, smiling, looking first as the bathing suit and then at David. “I think this is just the outfit for David’s first visit to the beach.” Kathleen was a large and attractive woman, in her late forties, deeply tanned and with long golden hair. David had found her attractive, when he first had been taken to the store by his guardian, Lisa, and he had been introduced to Kathleen as the store’s owner. Now he wished she wouldn’t talk so loud, or call him by his name.

“And I agree, those adorable little seahorses are just so David,” Kathleen announced to anyone who was listening. David heard some feminine giggles, and realized that some female shoppers in the next aisle were eavesdropping on their conversation. His face felt like it was already sunburned from a visit the beach, turning bright red. No, please don’t let this be his new bathing suit. Was it possible to be more embarrassed?

“You always had an eye for quality, Lisa,” Kathleen said, definitively. “And you’re right, those sea horses are adorable.” David heard more giggles from the aisle, and, risking a quick glance, saw three young teenaged girls there, now whispering to each other and beginning to grin and point at him.

“I agree this is just right for David,” Kathleen said. David heard the giggles from the aisle next to him become outright laughter.

“Well, then, let’s see it on him first,” his guardian, Lisa, replied, to Kathleen in the voice that David knew always meant that what Lisa wanted done would be done, and that what Lisa wanted him to do must be done. David twisted uncomfortably in his sun shorts, as always hating that feeling of submission but somehow always being overpowered by it. He had a sudden, involuntary mental image of himself naked, his rising erection being seen by both his guardian, Lisa, and the store owner, Kathleen, and the girls in the next aisle, who were in fact laughing and peering over the counters at him.

“Well, normally, I don’t let customers try on the bathing suit bottoms,” Kathleen replied, beginning to laugh a little herself, “but since you and I are such old friends, Lisa. . . .”  His guardian laughed back, merrily, almost acting in conspiracy. “Yes, such old friends, Kathleen, and David needing a new bathing suit so badly. . . .”

David despite his rising discomfort inside his shorts felt like a little boy about to be punished, standing between two women who were deciding his fate. Against his every wish, his penis continued to harden. This was not how David had anticipated his first day at the beach would begin. . . .

  Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2011 Lisa Dabrowski


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