The Collaring by Mistress Lisa and Citizen X

Mistress Lisa and Citizen X

Mistress Elizabeth heard a rap at her door.  She rose, in no particular hurry, leaving her coffee and cigarette, and went from her kitchen cove  to the door,  there she found a young man, surely no older than 25, tall, lanky, slightly unkempt in appearance, but possessing a nice muscular tone, and by the shape of his jeans a substantial cock.  Handsome and too sure of himself by half was her firm assessment.  Totally undisciplined.

“Pardon me, Miss, do you still have a room for rent?  I just moved here.  I’m a writer, and my Boss, Kevin, said that I might be able to rent a good room from you.”

Glancing him over, she wondered if she could help this one.  So casual in appearance and manner.   Well, if Kevin sent him, it must be important.

“Come in and we will discuss it over  coffee.”

They sat at her kitchen getting to know one another. It appeared Lee was a writer, who had had some substantial small successes in Charleston, where Kevin had found him.   He’d moved to move to the next level, and Kevin had agreed to stake him and edit his work for him, while he finished his first book.

Satisfied that he was worth training, Mistress Elizabeth made the arrangements, and showed him his rooms.  Lee discovered a neat, albeit sparse suite of rooms.  A bedroom and a small sitting room were his.  He also found that she had three other tenants although he didn’t see any of them.  As for Elizabeth, he observed that her own bedroom, located at the base of the staircase, was, in no uncertain terms, “lavish”.  Large, richly furnished, with teak paneling throughout, she was obviously a woman of some substance, in addition to her juicy body and regal face.

As the Mistress of the House, left him to unpack, she casually mentioned that she also maintained a gym in the basement, but that she kept it locked for safety and that she would see about a key once his first check cleared.
That evening Lee’s boss, Kevin came for dinner. It turned out that Elizabeth was a skilled hostess, and when Lee asked where the other house guests were, she laughed and said that two working and the third was cooking, a task by which she defrayed part of her rent.

They discussed writing for some time, and Lee learned that Elizabeth was a writer also.  He presumed that this must be her connection to Kevin.  She casually mentioned that she was working on a collection of Feminine BDSM stories, and she laughed to see Lee’s obvious and immediate excitement.

Longing for more conversation Lee was dumfounded when Mistress Elizabeth and Kevin excused themselves and went to the basement for a “private” conversation

Part II

“Well, Kevin why did you send me this one?”

Knowing what was expected, Kevin stripped naked and pulled down the suspension rigging from the rafters.  For her part, Mistress Elizabeth disappeared behind a screen to don her “evening clothes”.

“He lacks discipline and determination, Miss Elizabeth. I’ve read his work, which shows clear signs of brilliance, but he’s so lazy and unruly.   He wants success but he lacks metal.   And I knew you could help when I read one of his erotic stories which he’d published under his own name, on BDSM Library.”

“He needs you, Mommy.  I need you to help him.  Look at all you’ve done for me.  You build up men through your loving cruelty.  Why by the time you’ve trained him he’d never dare to do less than be brilliant, if only out of adoration and fear of you.  Just like me.

As he talked Mistress came out, clad only in tall black ankle boots, opera length black gloves and a black velvet choker.   Kevin knew that her almost naked body meant two things – she was feeling cruel and wanted to vent on her slave.  Kevin was cuffed into place, his toes barely touching the floor by the time she was done.

In his view, she selected a cat o nine from a wall rack and walked slowly behind him.   Slowly and firmly she began to whip Kevin across his back and ass.  One of the things she loved about Kevin – who was her slave husband, and would be more were he not married to an unbearably vanilla woman who was worth a fortune, was that while he wasn’t a masochist, he gratefully endured her cruelty simply because he knew it pleased her.   The thought of his suffering was making her pussy stream.

Kevin thanked her for every stroke of the cruel whip, begging for another after each kiss of the lash.

When she had finished making him suffer the most severe pain, she walked around to the front of him.  Tears were streaming down his face.

“Kevin, you know that your Mommy only has to hurt you because she loves you so, don’t you?”

Sniffing back his tears, all Kevin could do was nod.

“Yes, Mommy, I love you so, I’ll do anything to please you.”

“Everything Mommy does, she does for you, because she
loves you,” Elizabeth cooed  to Kevin as she released him.

Kevin fell to his knees and Mistress Elizabeth went to her couch and sat, her legs apart, arms across the back of the couch.

“Crawl to me, you nasty whore, like the pathetic slut you are.”

Kevin did as commanded, his cock becoming embarrassingly stiff at being called like a dog by his adored Mistress.

Still in pain but now with a pulsing hard on, Mistress Elizabeth held out a nipple to Kevin when he took his place between her knees.

“Oh, Mommy I love your breasts, may I beg you to suckle?”

She nodded, knowing that this intimacy bound them together.  Kevin had suckled her, starting about a year ago, until she started lactating and now it was their  comfort after a particularly wicked beating.

He tenderly placing a nipple in his mouth. As he suckled she grabbed his cock, and began to stroke, stabbing his cumhole with her thumb nail.  Kevin looked up at her with eyes of pure love and adoration.

“Please Mommy, please I hunger for your sweetness, I need
to be inside you,” he begged with every fiber in his

She spread her legs for him, exposing her dripping cunt, and allowed him to mount her.  He entered her in a thunderous rage, unable to control his passion. Kissing and caressing he ample breasts, he stroked deeply into her as she pinched and tortured his nipples.  He had learned long ago that Mistress Elizabeth would never allow him to cum without pain.

Stroking and stroking, he knew her body so well, feeling as if he were made for her. She began to orgasm, pinching his nipples so hard that he winced, but while he wanted to cum so badly, he knew that to do so without permission would lead to months of chastity.

Finally, just as she was finishing her own orgasm, she commanded;

“Come for Mommy, now you dirty whore.”

He looked into her eyes, and unable to contain himself any longer, exploded in a fiery rush of passion deep within her. Sighing, he fell to her breasts, murmuring the phrase he had learned from long experience;

“You own me, I love you, Mommy!”

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