The Menagerie- Ralph’s Story

Preparing Elizabeth’s Evening meal, Ralph reflected back on the to her, he was mesmerized from the start. Something in her eyes held him captive, reaching in to his very soul, making resistance damn near impossible.

Ralph was a writer, an ambitious one. He had answered an ad posted in a local paper for a lyricist needed at a fledgling studio. Menagerie Publishing and Studios. Ralph had never heard of them before, but he was a slave to his work and would go where it would take him.

Elizabeth,  was also a writer, and fell in love with Ralph’s work.  They penned many songs together, bringing in session players to record their demos.  Ralph was astounded by her ability to get men to work for her at next to nothing. He wanted to know everything there was to know about her.

Weary of  his commute from the city into The Menagerie daily, Ralph asked Elizabeth if he could stay there with her, before the words left his mouth he knew that once he moved in he would never leave. She agreed to his proposal, it made perfect sense. She offered him a room off the kitchen. It was perfect, he thought to himself, although it felt a bit like servant’s quarters.

On an August night, Ralph was startled awake to the sounds of moans coming from the kitchen. He could hear what sounded like someone being beaten. Fearing for Elizabeth’s safety, he rushed into the kitchen. Chained to the table was one of the session players, stark naked. Elizabeth was beating him with a wooden spoon as she rode his backside with a strap on.

Ralph’s arousal was quite apparent to Elizabeth as she gazed upon him.

“Come here, Ralph.  Put it in his mouth!” Elizabeth ordered wickedly.

Ralph did as he was told. The young session player began masterfully pleasing Ralph at Mistress Elizabeth’s  command, all the while she kept beating him with the spoon and riding his ass, thrusting it deeper. She knew what she was doing, orchestrating a three way orgasm controlled by her. Screaming from her own pleasure, she ordered Ralph and her player to release.

“Look into my eyes, Ralph!” she screamed. ” I own you, now.”

Meeting her gaze, Ralph realized his fate. He was now owned by Mistress Elizabeth and part of her Menagerie.

  Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2011 Lisa Dabrowski


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