Unholy Trinity- Elizabeth Stevens and Citizen X

Kevin served dinner in his frilly pink apron. Lisa, Rosie and I were all seated comfortably , as Kevin served the mouth-watering meal Lisa had prepared for us. Lisa, perhaps the most creative one of us, was a caterer, author, caretaker, and a member of the mensah society. Poor Lisa, she often needed Rosie and I to look after her though, although a wicked Domme in her own right, Lisa had a heart. Guess that’s why we were created. An Unholy Trinity, Mommy, Sister and Holy Shit!

After dinner, it was time for Rosie and I to have our fun. “Why don’t  we all go down to the “ Exercise Room and have some fun?” Rosie offered. Playing along, I told Rosie it had been a long time since I had “exercised”. “Well , Mommy? Shall we entertain your sisters?”  Kevin asked.

Elizabeth was exhausted with Kevin’s banter. He thought he could do anything and get away with it simply because he was her sister’s Slave Hubby. Elizabeth was a voluptuous raven-haired beauty, an entertainment lawyer, and was aggressive by nature. She wanted so very badly to get her hands on Kevin and make him pay for all the negative attention he bestowed upon her sister.

One day while browsing through the internet at work, Elizabeth stumbled upon some disturbing stories Slave Hubby had once again dedicated to her sister. Lisa, known to many as Goddess Lisa was a smoking hot curvaceous woman, huge full breasts, a wonderfully full ass, that men just fell in love with. Her hair was a striking, flaming red, only adding to her attitude, as she was one of the most sought after dommes in her circle. Lisa , and our sister, her twin, Rosie, another Naughty Mistress in her own right.

“What was I to do with Kevin?” Elizabeth thought to herself. Knowing that he did truly love her, and that he  used her as a muse as of late, just as Lisa did with him , this was quite a dilemma. Why she bothered with these two, she would never know. Perhaps because it was so much fun to see Kevin squirm.  I am a voyeur, I cannot help it. Lisa and Rosie will tag team his beastiality writing ass, “ She laughed wickedly to herself.

I called Rosie at her office, she worked for Lisa, and they wrote together. Many people often made the mistake of assuming they were the same person. You know how twins love to play naughty games. Lisa and Rosie had gotten away with this trick for the better part of their lives. Rosie adored Lisa, and would do anything for her, the girls shared everything.

“Rosie, this is Elisabeth, I have some plans for Slave Hubby, are you in?” Rosie laughed her delightfully wicked laugh, “ Of course, Sister Dear, you know how I adore fucking with him. The switch needs a proper domming to put his ass in check.”

At six o’clock sharp, there was a knock at the door, Kevin was always on time, the man was Anal in more ways than one. “ Let me get it , Lisa. “ I said dryly walking towards the door, anticipating the events to come.
Kevin sauntered through the door with his usual swagger, a crisp bottle of Smirnoff for his Mommy, as it is Lisa’s favorite,
In addition, a carton of Marlboro Menthols. He did enjoy pampering my sister. I do believe deep down the poor pathetic bastard did love her in the only way he was capable of. “Miss Lizzy, where is my Mommy?” he winked at me when he walked through the door. “ If  you are referring to the Goddess, Miss Lisa, I believe she is in the kitchen lacing your dinner with arsenic. At least that is what I would do if I had to put up with your behavior.” I said with a smile. “ And that my dear is why she gets treated to an eight incher , and you do not!” he laughed at me and walked towards the kitchen.

Kevin walked up behind Lisa and put his arms behind her,” Mommy , I have been a naughty boy, I need to suffer for you. Let me cry for you. His cock swelled in her ass,  he put his hands on her breasts and cupped them. Massaging them, he began to whimper, and whine in her ear, “ Mommy , you are the only one that can control my unruly cock. Please take me , Mommy. Let me show you how much I truly adore you. I will do anything to have Nirvana with you,” he pleaded in desperation, his cock leaking, and brushing up against her ample ass.

“Pour Mommy a Vodka on the rocks and light her a cigarette, Darling. Now come lap at Mommy’s  sweetness while she unwinds.” Lisa commanded. Kevin did as he was told. Bringing her drink and placing a lit cigarette in her mouth, Kevin got on all fours. Reaching up, he pulled her panties down, sniffing the crotch, becoming intoxicated by the wetness that he had put there. He licked them, as if they were an ice cream cone, He loved everything about his beloved Mommy Lisa. She was his world. He was her Hubby Slave, but he was Naughty by Nature. Sometimes his wickedness got the better of him. He found her sweet spot, and began lapping, licking, flicking his tongue in and out. Her hips moved in conjunction with his mouth. Kevin’s mouth moved faster, as did his cock on her leg. Her hips thrust into his  mouth . She grabbed his hair and pulled it at the roots, reaching a fever pitch of excitement. Her nails sought out his back, scratching and digging. She let out a primal scream. And he rose to his knees and took her, pounding her juicy womanhood, he created this delightful mess, Lisa opened his mouth and spit in it. He quivered and looked deep into her eyes as his body shook like a thunderous earthquake. I adore you Mommy, I fucking love you. He exploded in her, as if he were going to fall apart.

Kevin even  with his arrogant attitude,  knew he owned her heart, and deep down knew Lisa  owned his too, but he was still a dog. Giving a wink to me and Rosie, Lisa patted Kevin on the ass, and agreed to a round of play.

Down in the basement, which Lisa had finished off, they went into the “Exercise Room”, which was a euphemism for  “ The Torture Chamber”. In this room Lisa, Rosie, and Elizabeth train their subs and slaves. Many cries, howls and screams have been absorbed in these walls. Blood has dripped, tears have  streamed, and sweat has poured. This is a room full of history.

”Tie him up, Rosie ,” I ordered. I watched in sheer delight as my twin sisters one clad in black fetish attire of a leather corset and the other wearing a whit teddy with her breasts pushed up and hanging out. I myself had a sheer orchid robe on with matching furry stilettos. Rosie tied him up as Lisa bent over him, baring her breasts Kevin adored her breasts, and would do anything for a suck.  “ Blindfold him ,Lisa, “ I ordered. Smiling her sweet smile at me, Lisa blindfolded him.

I caned him while Lisa pounded his ass with a nine-inch strap on. At the same  time, Rosie was making him lap her golden nectar from a bowl on the floor , just like the dog that he was. We could see how aroused he was becoming. Remember that foul story he posted on Lisa, I knew that now was my chance to get even.

I had made Kevin’s back a bloody mess. Lisa’s Wicked ass leaned forward and licked it. I left the room and came back in with Bo, our German Shepard.  Bo was always horny, had a huge cock too. “Kevin, I have a Lifelike dong, want to try it?”  I took Bo over to Kevin and had Kevin put his lips around  Bo’s cock. Kevin sucked masterfully, Bo began to howl. Rosie and I laughed so hard I thought we were going to piss on Kevin again. Bo shot a load in Kevin’s mouth.

“Who’s the dog fucker now? I pulled his blindfold off. My sister comes with a dog every time she comes with you! You made a dog come, right in your mouth. Look at your cock, you pathetic whore. I bet you want my sister don’t you? She just made your ass bleed, licked the blood off your back, watched her sisters humiliate you and had you suck off a dog. Kevin, you want to please this woman? She owns your  mind, your, body, your heart and soul.”

Kevin replied, ”Lisa does own me, and is the only one who can control the unruly cock of the Slave Hubby and tame the beast within me. I adore you, Mommy.”

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