Woof, Woof, Mommy!


Kevin had come to Boston for the week and decided to stay with me, as usual, afterall, he was my Slave Hubby.  It did bother him that I had other borders there with me, but he needed to understand that Mommy had bills to pay. I needed to teach this dog a lesson, a damn good one, first, you do not just pop in on Mommy unannounced, and secondly you do not behave like an unruly mutt when you are clearly a collared pedigree.

I allowed him to brood about the upstairs while I sessioned in the downstairs “exercise” room with two of my borders.  In my Chambers, I was practicing forced bi on my two borders, a rather humiliating feat, since they lived together and would eat at the same table every day.  I created a human strap-on with Lee and Jay, Jay in his sexy orchid camisole, the silk titillating to my breasts as I drew him near to me to ram the cock in his ass, reaching forward, grabbing Lee, and spreading his taut cheeks for Jay, we began. A rhythm, slow at  first, building up steam, deeper in Jay’s ass I went, pounding, and the harder I pounded him it seemed to create a domino effect, shoving his cock deeper into Lee’s ass. hard, deep, Oh, I was dripping, and was so excited. I was tearing my sweet Sissy Jaye’s ass apart, I was cumming, we were all going to cum when I heard that little shit Kevin open the door! Quickly I finished,

“Woof, woof, Mommy! “ Kevin chuckled, and ran back up the stairs after looking at the three of us in a heap of orgasmic flesh.  See Kevin, my Slave Hubby, was Naughty by Nature, just like me, and honestly couldn’t stand the thought of me with another, although he  was married to a very vanilla woman. He was also a switch, and enjoyed playing power games with me, but never won ,

I cleaned myself up and went upstairs to find a wickedly grinning Kevin preparing dinner in nothing but a frilly apron. “Does it smell good , Darling Mommy?  “ He quipped stirring the pot his engorged penis hanging down.  He knew I was looking at him too. “Here taste it ,Mommy,” he said putting the spoon of chicken and rice to my lips. It was my favorite, and he knew it.

“Sit down and I will feed you, My Mommy,” he said , dishing out two bowls of chicken rice. “ Make sure you get yourself a nice hearty bowl darling!” I  chirped to him.

He sat own across from me and started to eat, and I removed the bowl from in front of him.  I placed it at my feet, “ Woof, woof, Mommy! Now get down there lie the dog that you are!

“Naughty Kevin bursting in on Mommy, time for your Puppy Training, since you want to act like an unruly doggie, you little mutt!! Down on all fours! “ I placed a studded collar around his neck. In addition, attached a thick chain leash to it,  “ Now eat doggie!  “ I commanded grabbing a rolled up newspaper from the counter and whipping him sternly across the buttocks. It was hard not to laugh at my eye candy, but I wanted to teach him a lesson. It just seemed that everything Kevin and I did wound up sexual. He knelt there on all fours, eating out of that bowl like a dog, Then he looked up at me as if to mock me, and said it again, “ Woof , woof , Mommy!” Oh he drove me wild!  His perfect ass right there, just ready for me

I went to my bedroom and got my double-headed dildo, which was a favorite toy of ours. “ You want to act like a dog, well then , I am going to fuck you like the bitch that you are!  I mounted him like a dog and took great pleasure in his ass. I pounded him fiercely, taking my pleasure, pulling tightly on his leash, yanking that collar tight, choking him. I could hear him gasp for air as I met my peak. I scrawled my nails down his back drawing blood. It was his turn! I let loose of the leash, and bent over on all four for him, again he said it, “ Woof, woof, Mommy!” Plowing his eight-inch cock into me, he  grabbed tight to me, masterfully stroking my womanhood, taking me to new heights. Harder and faster. I felt his heart beat in his cock as it pulsated and throbbed within me. In a fiery rush of passion we  exploded together.

“Woof, woof, Mommy!” He howled as he slumped over my body on the kitchen floor.



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